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  1. Bobbradley

    "Sandy" at Guitar Shop Taiwan

    Sandy still looks stunning.
  2. Bobbradley

    Where are all the vintage plain tops?

    Just alittle bit of action, pretty minty though!
  3. Bobbradley

    Help: my R9 lost an inlay

    Change them all! Superglue.
  4. Bobbradley

    Don't ever touch a true 59 burst

    I don't know what better is, other than it's an opinion. That said vintage vs. Modern might be better described as different. So I think that is often the rub. the idea is a reissue guitar is supposed to be close to the original. We would all like to believe that, and gibson goes out of their...
  5. Bobbradley

    Aged Les Paul Knobs

    Retrospec ones look really nice, to me at least :)
  6. Bobbradley


    Ditch that flat head screw now!
  7. Bobbradley

    what is the best way to improve a new R9 tone?

    Setup.... Adjust pickups.
  8. Bobbradley

    My Second Historic Makeover!

    Killer man, just killer!
  9. Bobbradley

    So I sent a broken 59 TV Model over to BCR Greg......

    Oh yeah,very cool indeed!
  10. Bobbradley

    NVGD, 1968 Les Paul

  11. Bobbradley

    Just some old guitar...... :)

    Very cool guitar!
  12. Bobbradley

    Show us your one keeper that you will never sell

    My main gigging guitar currently. A 65' 335 with 3 pat.numbers ;)
  13. Bobbradley

    Ole' 1953 "Red" Goldtop!!!

    Uh yeah badass Charlie!
  14. Bobbradley

    Joe B. compares the original Skinner to the Skinner prototype

    It was clear to me right away, every set of PAF's I've ever played have been bright and had teeth. Not so much with that wooly thing. I do have to say the CC LOOKS FANTASTIC!
  15. Bobbradley

    My trip to Mark's Guitar Loft

  16. Bobbradley

    Thought's on boutique cables

    Wow I always use boutique cables as I am looking for the capacitance that sounds exactly right for my rig. I have been using LAVA cables and some Devine noise, I have also been making my own patch cables from either George L or others but I solder all my patch cables. I do not use the solder...
  17. Bobbradley

    Anyone seen the Collectors choice Andertons reviews on youtube

    It's clear that because they are trying to get close to an actual example that the person who is sorting the wood is considering many factors looks and weight, even things like mineral streaks. :dude: This is a cool program I believe and I hope it continues Otherwise you'll find yourself...
  18. Bobbradley

    Anyone seen the Collectors choice Andertons reviews on youtube

    Last I checked the CC's models are just custom specs. Specific aging, neck shape, possibly pickups, color of course, and any other specifics that make the original guitar unique. Possibly a weight range. The regular historic's already have a one piece body and awesome tops etc. It's hard to...

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