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  1. colder

    Schaller S-Locks on new Les Paul Standard

    Has anyone installed the new Schaller S-Locks on a new Les Paul Standard? Their website and their video about the locks claim that the strap buttons included fit most guitars "including Gibsons", but I would like to hear some real world stories about it. Do the stock buttons fit the factory...
  2. colder

    What can you do about possible fakes on local CL?

    Wonder if you guys could confirm if these guitars are counterfeit and what you would do about them. On local CL, there are a lot of guitars coming up of all brands, shapes, and sizes, which are advertised as being brand new or mint. You can tell that the ads are being written by the same...
  3. colder

    Is this a Standard?

    Looking at this guitar. Claimed to be a 2011 Standard Plain Top in Honey burst. Is this legit Standard, or a Trad or something else? I don't know much about Lesters but am looking to get one soon. thank you :)

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