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    Riffing with a clean P90 tone

    I think this is one of the best tones I’ve dialed in with my Gibson Les Paul Special and it’s clean and very dry! Using Strymon Iridium here. Pedalboard on the dryer.
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    Quit my band, here’s my farewell

    So last year I quit the band I was in, Underwing. I quit the band because it demanded more commitment than I could give due to having a full-time job as a teacher as well as a baby on the way. I still had one final song left to record with the band called “House on Fire”. This is the solo...
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    Lots of gain and P90 pickups - LP Special jam

    Recently found this riff that I made a couple of years ago. I decided to make a jam out of it since I love the sound of my Special when doing overdriven riff stuff. I’m using my Gibson Les Paul Special (2020) into my 1981 DRV into the Strymon Iridium. Would love to hear what you think!
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    Jam with neck pickup p90!

    Did this jam with my Gibson Les Paul Special from 2020! I’m using the neck pickup here and I’m playing through my Strymon Iridium into my DAW. Used a pedal called 1981 DRV for gain. would love to hear your thoughts on this!
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    We spent over 7k on a music video!

    The band I was in, Underwing, just released a new song! It is heavily inspired by Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, Tool and Motorpsycho. I (Thomas) was using a Fender American Standard Stratocaster (2011), Magnus was using a Fender American Telecaster (2008) and our bassist Jesper was using an...
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    Getting Fender tones with a Les Paul

    A few weeks ago, I got my first Les Paul as a surprise gift from my wife! It’s a Gibson Les Paul Special from 2020 and it has proven to be the best guitar I’ve ever played! Not only does it look nice, smell nice and play nice, it sounds amazing as well! To show some of the versatility of...
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    NGD! Gibson Les Paul Special 2020 TV Yellow!

    My wife surprised me and gave me a 30th birthday present in advance! This is a Gibson Les Paul Special from 2020 and it is the best damn guitar I’ve ever played! Instead of posting pictures, I made this jam to show off the guitar! Truth be told, this is my first Gibson and my first Les Paul...
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    An ampless night jam

    I recorded this ampless jam a few nights ago. I used the Strymon Iridium which is at the end of my pedalboard, plugged my Fender American Standard Stratocaster from 2011 into my board and my board into my interface to do this jam. Would love to hear what you think of the playing and the tone!
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    Made a lyric video for my second original song

    So this is the second song that I’ve recorded at home and I would love some feedback on it! Always looking to improve so don’t be afraid to give me honest, crushing feedback!
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    Just finished my first song with a Lyric video

    Just finished my first original song called "Waves". It's my first attempt to write a song all by myself with me doing all the recording and all the instrumentation. I do not have a lot of experience using DAWs and I found Reaper very easy to use. But VSTs were too daunting for me this time...
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    So my band just released our first music video!

    We're so pshyced to finally have it out there! Would love to hear what you guys and gals think! Here it is!
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    Second song released with the band (prog metal content)

    Hey people! The band I'm in, Underwing, just released a new song! The track is called "Paragon" and can be categorized as progressive rock/metal. The first song we released, "Reaper", was very much a 70's inspired track with an accompanying music video. This time we opted for a lyric...
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    First song released with the band (Les Paul & music video included)

    Hi! The band I am in (Underwing) just released our first song, "Reaper", and for the song we made a music video (which is a bit out of sync at some places :p). We would really appreciate some constructive criticism on the song itself and the sound quality of the song (mixing and mastering). If...

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