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  1. NRBQ

    Out of the loop, I have no idea what TikTok is.

    I may be the only person on earth that doesn't know what it is, all I know is it's mentioned in articles and peoples posts on the intranets. I know some are trying to ban it, some seem to love it, and it has something to do with the Chinese. So if you want fill me or anyone else like me in on...
  2. NRBQ

    Youtube rant: I'm sick of people that do "reaction" videos saying they're monetized and need you to pay them to watch videos.

    Who the F are these narcissistic people that feel they should be paid money to listen to people that actually have talent. I guess it's the new generation, pay me because my mere presence and opinion are worth money. Me me me, it's not even about the creators anymore, it's about the people with...
  3. NRBQ

    A small distraction that requires just a little work, but it's worth the effort.

    I posted something like this one time before and thought it might be fun to try it again, it requires a small amount of prep for a small payout, just like Vegas, but if you try it, it might pay out. Go to the first video (make sure the volume is down) and pause it at 2 minutes, then go down and...
  4. NRBQ

    Anyone ever heard of singer Vince Taylor? Crazy dude! Acid casualty? Inspiration for David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust

    Basically an early sixties Elvis wannabe complete with crazy moves that made it look like he was made of rubber, also known for his signature head to toe black leather, but without the great voice. Bowie based Ziggy Stardust on him and he also wrote Brand New Cadillac that The Clash covered on...
  5. NRBQ

    I just got busted for eating the cake frosting right out of the can. Oooops!

    So I'll admit it, I have a problem, I love that creamy cake frosting and sometimes I open it up without telling anyone and have a dip. Then over time I do it too much knowing eventually I'll get busted, and well the chickens have come home to roost. I deflected the inevitable a couple of times...
  6. NRBQ

    Think an old man can't box? Think again, watch him knock a young buck on his ass.

    You see the caption on the video and you think it's a bit of harmless fun, but watch this guy f*ck a motherf*cker up, all over the ring in less than a minute. He may be old by this wasn't his first rodeo, as a young overwhelmed boxer quickly found out.
  7. NRBQ

    The best 25 cent lunch I've had in a long time.

    With everyone hunkering down in place for a while I went grocery shopping recently and stocked up on some dry goods, including noodles etc. So I got some Top Romen noodles (chicken flavor) that were 4 for a buck. The last time I ate Romen noodles was probably 30 plus years ago, and I must say...
  8. NRBQ

    Any drummers hanging out, and if so, what bass drum pedal are you using?

    If there was ever a thread that wasn't going to go anywhere this is it, but what the heck there's noting to lose by trying. For years and years I had an old Tama double bass pedal, back when the main pedal worked well, and the second pedal was much less articulate. Because of the elevated...
  9. NRBQ

    The new James Bond "No Time To Die" has now been pushed back to Nov due to coronavirus guess there's time now.

    It seems with every theater in China now closed the Bond producers have decided to push back the opening yet again, this time over global concerns about the coronavirus. It was supposed to open Nov 2019, then it was pushed back to April 2020, now it's going to open Nov 2020. Interestingly to...
  10. NRBQ

    Something kind of cool for Titanic buffs.

  11. NRBQ

    The grandfather that dropped his grandchild on a cruise clearly leaned out the window and then dangled her outside the window

    He's gotten a plea deal from the prosecutors that he doesn't have to admit to fault, and doesn't have to go to jail. But the thing is he lied about, to try and save his own ass. The footage in this clip is just unbelievable. You can see the toddler walk towards the windows, he then follows her...
  12. NRBQ

    Try not to laugh, I triple dog dare you.

    Most of the time I'd like to think I've matured over the years, then something like this demonstrates that I'm just another case of arrested development.
  13. NRBQ

    ScalpMED, Men and Women grow your hair back.

    Under every photo showing their success stories it reads "Results Not Typical" and "Extraordinary Results, YOUR results will vary" classic!
  14. NRBQ

    About to meet someone for a Craigslist guitar transaction: Wish me luck!

    We''ll see how it goes, I'm selling my LP Gold Top Deluxe. I'm not expecting any issues or problems, but you never know. I'll let you guys know how it all went. Fingers crossed. I'm not expecting any problems, he's an old retired guy that's local, and I'm meeting him inside the lobby at the...
  15. NRBQ

    Trucks and Goats defying gravity, and a bonus video just for gits and shiggles.

    These first two videos seem to defy gravity, the last one will just make you feel good inside. Thanks Benny Hill...
  16. NRBQ

    Your top ten favorite albums of the 1980's

    If you can find 10, list em. These are in no particular order: Robbie Roberton, First Solo Album YES 90125 Paul Simon, Graceland Peter Gabriel, So U2, The Unforgettable Fire Los Lobos, How Will The Wolf Survive Tom Waits, Rain Dogs Tom Waits, Swardfishtrombones The Rolling Stones, Tattoo You...

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