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  1. colder

    Schaller S-Locks on new Les Paul Standard

    Has anyone installed the new Schaller S-Locks on a new Les Paul Standard? Their website and their video about the locks claim that the strap buttons included fit most guitars "including Gibsons", but I would like to hear some real world stories about it. Do the stock buttons fit the factory...
  2. colder

    Gibson les Paul from factory with 9 gauge high 10 gauge low?

    I thought they had been shipping with 9-46 strings since forever
  3. colder

    What can you do about possible fakes on local CL?

    In my case it was many guitars, not just Gibsons, brand new at "too good to be true" prices.
  4. colder

    What can you do about possible fakes on local CL?

    Assuming these guitars are legit, which the community here seems to think they are - This person posts many ads for guitars that are supposedly new, always the same formula - "only a few hours of play time" "bought this from MF" etc. I have emailed from different emails about a few asking...
  5. colder

    What can you do about possible fakes on local CL?

    Of course, but I don't want others to be taken in by them, or for someone to get away with selling counterfeit merchandise, or for fakes to depress the price of real guitars, etc.
  6. colder

    What can you do about possible fakes on local CL?

    Wonder if you guys could confirm if these guitars are counterfeit and what you would do about them. On local CL, there are a lot of guitars coming up of all brands, shapes, and sizes, which are advertised as being brand new or mint. You can tell that the ads are being written by the same...
  7. colder

    Looking back at the 2012 fiasco, what’s the verdict?

    It's one of those things where a very vocal minority scream on internet forums, but 99% of the guitars are out there being happily played.
  8. colder

    Poll: More neck choices and the seemingly lack of 50s necks on new Gibsons

    I don't mind a bigger neck but it seems like the 50s neck is usually coupled with other features I don't prefer like a lack of weight relief.
  9. colder

    Do NOT use Loxx strap locks!

    I had Loxx that I put on my LP and I could feel them loosening not long after installing them. Went to Schallers. By chance, a set of Loxx came pre-installed on a used tele that I bought and they were getting loose in the body already. I replaced them with Schallers too and never looked back.
  10. colder

    Are there fake Gibson bags around?

    I guess I'm not sure it would matter if a gig bag were "authentic" or not. It's fabric and foam.
  11. colder

    Tell Your First Experience/Exposure to a Les Paul Guitar

    I wanted something besides a strat or a tele, so I went to GC to try them out. I picked up a new SG standard - ok, I like that fine. I picked up an LP - I don't know what it was, but it was like $4000. I liked the SG better! I ended up buying an SG but I didn't own it very long. Eventually I...
  12. colder

    2016 LP Standard - a mut?

    I own a 2016 Standard, same color, also came with the pickguard uninstalled. Has the push-pull pots. Here's a picture of my control cavity. This guitar is totally stock. Maybe the guitar you found was bought by someone who didn't like the PCB, they swapped it out, then they returned it anyway?
  13. colder

    First gig with gforce yesterday. It's coming off today

    Thank you. I would not be doing Gibson justice after my above rhapsody on G-Force if I didn't say that overall, I think the HPs are fantastic. The neck and the neck heel are what sold it, for me. They play like a dream IMO. In the end it was a fling and not a romance, but I would definitely...
  14. colder

    First gig with gforce yesterday. It's coming off today

    I was an early adopter of G-Force and I am an advocate for modern innovations in guitars. I am not doing 1950s cosplay, as others have called it, I want new things and new features that make the guitar work better. I like the system a lot for home, but I feel like it has some shortcomings in...
  15. colder

    Modern Weight Relief vs Ultra Modern Weight Relief

    My 2016 standard weighs 8.2 pounds and feels fine. It's all about the strap, if you ask me. Anyway, if I get too frail to hold an 8 pound guitar then I need to hit the gym, not the guitar shop :eek:
  16. colder

    Modern Weight Relief vs Ultra Modern Weight Relief

    Yeah, but is it 1950s helium?
  17. colder

    Gibson 2018?

    They do come with a harness to connect non-quick connect pickups. FYI Anyway, I think the ones without the pickup rings look amazing
  18. colder

    Flame or Grain? Whatcha Got??? Show us...

    I'm a flamer. :fingersx:
  19. colder

    Is this a Standard?

    1400, with the back having some buckle rash and the top having scratches described as "normal wear and tear" (not visible in the photos I guess). He rejected 1200, wouldn't budge otherwise after some conversation ("I checked ebay and it's already a great deal") , so I moved on. Best of luck I...
  20. colder

    Is this a Standard?

    I think he had no idea, but upon learning it was a Trad, he still wouldn't budge on price. I ended up finding a real 2016 standard, new, for not much more than he was asking. His is still on CL :)

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