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  1. Macronaut

    So confused about Rx prices...?

    I have been shopping for mostly R9s, but also considering R8s and R0s. What really confuses me is...that I can purchase a brand new R9 (or such) for a few hundred more than a used one a few years old. In many cases I would pay more for a used one. I keep hearing people here say you can get a...
  2. Macronaut

    Transponder/Chip question.

    Having a transponder for tracking during manufacturing and to verify authenticity of a given guitar later on, who has access to the scanner? Are dealers provided these tools? Is Gibson the only one that can scan these? It seems that they would be of little good to consumers if Gibson was the...
  3. Macronaut

    R7, R8, R9, R0, etc. Neck sizes compared to my 68RI

    Since I can't access all the "R"s personally, I am wondering which have the thinnest neck profiles and is the 68RI thicker or thinner than any of the R's? I really like the size of my Custom 68RI but, I'm beginning to get arthritis in my left thumb and the thinner necks on my other LPs seems to...
  4. Macronaut

    Making perect, perfect(er)....68RI mods.

    So, My recently acquired 2008 68 RI, which is the best of the best of all the LPs I own just got even better.... My 68RI with 57 Classic sounded great, though they seemed way out of balance and one of the pots was a bit wonky on the meter. I was exploring various wiring harnesses with 50s...
  5. Macronaut

    NGD...A Howling good value IMHO......T-Style.

    I inadvertently ran across a review for a lesser known Wolf guitars LP style guitar and I was impressed enough to research more... Even though the LP style seemed to be a great guitar, it was just a little too blingy for my taste, but seemed very nice none the less. Besides, I have too many...
  6. Macronaut

    Ideas to get a decent Belly cut.

    I recently got a fairly nice Tele kit that my Father in-law and I were going to work on together. That was years and years ago and we can't find time to do it together. So, I will be working on that while I wait for my Custom Explorer kit to get here...eventually. I want to do a belly cut like...
  7. Macronaut

    Please share your kit builds...don't be shy...please.

    I posted a question a little ways back inquiring about a specific kit company. Some of the responses left me wondering if I was in the right forum. Eventually, I believe I was, though I didn't feel completely sure at first. Realizing that this is a luthier's forum and most here are very...
  8. Macronaut

    *Update* Anyone done a GuitarKitWorld build?

    I’m researching to do a first kit build, namely an Explorer. I do not want sink a bunch of money into the first one but, I also hope to save myself a little grief by not going with a super cheap kit. I'm looking at Guitar kit world because of the ability to customize my kit to get something...
  9. Macronaut

    A few updates to my 2008 '68 RI Custom

    So, I am both a PG on, PG off kind of guy, depending on the particular LP. This one came without one and no holes for one. Part of me says "don't cover up any of that beautiful quilt" but, the other part of me says "there's so much quilt and color to go around, the proper PG would be a nice...
  10. Macronaut

    Pick gaurd question (no, not that one)

    I think I have decided after viewing hundreds of images of Customs, that a PG on my new Quilt top Custom would look better with one on so, I bought one but, it doesn't look quite right. I was trying to figure out why and realized it was because the edge has a different bevel compared to the...
  11. Macronaut

    Huge Pick-up imbalance...Possible causes?

    I have been bonding with my new to me LP Custom '68 RI 2008 for about the last month and got to the point of personalizing it to my taste concerning tone. What I notice when adjusting the PU height, is that the neck PU needs to be about three or even four times father away from the stings to be...
  12. Macronaut

    Does a Custom 68 Reissue qualify in this forum?

    I just acquired a LP Custom '68 reissue 2008 Firemist and never considered posting it here. I did post a NGD in the LP forum. The reason I ask is that I see "R2-R0 discussions" in the header.....? And if so...would a link to that post be ok? Or, would fresh pix be better?...Or both? ;)
  13. Macronaut

    NGD...My "First" Custom...'68 RI Firemist 2008..."Over The Top?...Nah!"

    So, I have been casually shopping Customs for quite some time and more seriously the last few months. I tend to buy new but, the ones I wanted were in the $7K range, which is fine if I love, love, love it. So, I started looking at used from various sources. I had a list of Customs I was...
  14. Macronaut

    Gibson Les Paul "Super Custom"?....Legit'???

    Is there such a thing as a Les Paul Super Custom? I ran across a few on ebay but, it just didn't feel quite right. Is there such a guitar (legitimate)?
  15. Macronaut

    Is it just me??!!....The LP curse???

    I figured that I would get "one" really nice LP and be done. A few years ago I purchased a very nice LP Standard HP and couldn't have been happier. I oved everything about it. Since then, I have acquired a few more, less pricey LPs and find that I gravitate more to them. My most expensive LP is...
  16. Macronaut

    I've been very lucky, until now.....dropped my Lester!!!!

    I take very good care of all my guitars regardless of how expensive or not. I do not gig, they rarely even leave the house..... ….and of course the one I do manage to fumble was my most expensive, pristine, pride and joy. I had one in each hand and went to hang one back up, but didn't quite...
  17. Macronaut

    NGD-Finally some P-90s

    I have been wanting some P-90s for a while now but, didn't really find a platform I liked until now. I considered SGs, Juniors, DC, etc. Then I noticed this Vintage Burst. I have never given this finish a second look in the past but, out of many examples of this finish, this one just called out...
  18. Macronaut

    Weird Wings...???

    Has anyone ever seen the wings on the headstock as asymmetrical as these? Did someone screw up and this was how it was compensated? As far as I can recall, all the "wings" I have looked at seemed pretty equal on both sides. Just curious. :hmm:
  19. Macronaut

    Possible LP Sacrilege?

    Not so long ago purchased a truly "mint" '94 Studio that was beautifully aged to TV yellow. I wasn't crazy about the TV yellow (aged Alpine White) but, with jstarr823's description, price and based on his reputation, I had to have it. This LP Plays, feels and sounds stellar, thought I have never...
  20. Macronaut

    Anyone ever had/played a LP Custom that was mediocre or just ok???

    I'm considering turning in all my LPs for just one outstanding LP...such as a Custom of some sort. As there seems to be stellar and not so great examples of almost every model and it any different with the Customs? Has anyone played or owned a Custom that wasn't just fantastic? Are...

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