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  1. copperheadroad

    Tell me about the Super Distortion humbucker

    the SD Has about the same number of turns of wire as some of the hot PAF style humbuckers .about 6000 turns or slightly less . but wound with 44 gauge wire makes it a great medium output with good clarity for rock tones ,
  2. copperheadroad

    Anyone have info on Gibson 498t pickups?

    Maybe here on the stew mac site. says 9k
  3. copperheadroad

    Anyone have a Schematic of Gibson's Circuit Board

    Yep they wired differently & neck & bridge pickup follow different color codes's true
  4. copperheadroad

    Anyone have info on Gibson 498t pickups?

    I did have one in one of the shop les paul which is a 2016 studio ,we removed it . I did take some readings , it was over 13k & Alnico 5 magnet . I thought it was a pickup better oriented for rock & heavy tones as it had a very sharp top end .
  5. copperheadroad

    Are Gibson 57's really better ?

    The 57's are a little mushy sounding in the neck of a les paul . But passable in the neck of a SG .
  6. copperheadroad

    Can You Tell Vintage PAF Pole Screws From Fakes?

    Most of the Modern screws have a thicker head than real 1950's screws ,EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
  7. copperheadroad

    New Gibson calibrated t-type humbuckers, any thoughts?

    I've never heard of it .
  8. copperheadroad

    Has anyone ever opened a Nickel Covered Mojotone 59 Clone?

    Hows your soldering skills ? cold solder joints ?
  9. copperheadroad

    T Top Transitional Shaw mix?

    Wow lease share your findings .how did you figure it was a mix from that era .
  10. copperheadroad

    490T pole spacing and alignment issue on Greco LP Custom

    80% of all my personal floyd rose equipped & F spaced guitars with a Fender style trem do not use or need a F-spaced pickup's not necessary as there is no low/dead notes, when using the Gibson spaced 49.2mm or import 50mm . these will work fine . any Fender Strat will have 3 F spaced...
  11. copperheadroad

    Are Gibson PAF pickups made with butyrate bobbins?

    I just repaired a burstbucker bridge pickup that I had to rewind & i compared the Gibson Bobbin to our butyrate bobbin which dimensions were quite different .
  12. copperheadroad

    What is the best single coil sized PAF type pick up?

    Go with a tele pickup based on the early 50's broadcaster / Nocaster with 10000 winds or close ..
  13. copperheadroad

    Help me identify these old P90s

    I have one of the clear bobbin p-90 pickups in one of my guitars (it even has a part of the flange of the bobbin broke like in one of the previous pics ) it does read a whopping 8.8k but it sounds good .
  14. copperheadroad

    Help me identify these old P90s

    Pretty much agree with Liam ,that clear bobbin p-90 is a late 60's early 70's . as for the other with that non plated brass plate .it does look like a Gibson ,buy possibly from a later date .
  15. copperheadroad

    Unknown wiring. Can you identify?

    I think it's rotary switch like the Digitech crossroad pedal with 7 different voicings .
  16. copperheadroad

    Unknown wiring. Can you identify?

    What's that yellow knob in the middle of the cavity , some sort or trim pot ? :laugh2::laugh2::laugh2::laugh2:
  17. copperheadroad

    Cleaning up the mud on a 490R

    They may sound good ,use you ears NOT your eyes . just saying the LPJ with the plastic emg type of pickups are quite different .double slug coils with brass plates .
  18. copperheadroad

    Cleaning up the mud on a 490R

    If your pickups are those emg type plastic jobbies they may be nothing like the real set .
  19. copperheadroad

    Vineham vs. Wolftone PAF?

    Buy the Wolftone's. if it wasn't for the guidance I had from Wolf ,Our products would not be where they are now .He is the king .
  20. copperheadroad

    Winders-Any Advice?

    44 gauge gives you that strong mid hump .

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