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  1. Dave_W

    Medical alert!

    "She hadn't... eaten anything unusual...":confused: Woman With Penicillin Allergy Went Into Anaphylaxis After Performing Oral Sex
  2. Dave_W

    James Curleigh live @ Thomann Music

    Apologies if this has already been posted, but I haven't seen it here yet. 47 minutes long and well worth your time if you love Gibson.
  3. Dave_W

    Entitled moron

    ‘Entitled’ Mom Asks If Her Child Can Pet Service Dogs, Can’t Take “No” For An Answer In the immortal words of rufftuff, she needs punched in the mouth.
  4. Dave_W

    Joe Osborn RIP

    If you're not a bassist, you might not have been aware of him, but he was one of the best session players ever, and probably played on more hits than anyone else. Joe Osborn - A Few (Hundred) Hits Posted to Talkbass yesterday by his son David: Hey guys, it is with dreadful sorrow I must tell...
  5. Dave_W

    Never accept a cookie from a high school football player

    High school football players suspended for running naked with Oreos wedged in buttocks
  6. Dave_W


    Mother Who Named Her Daughter 'Abcde' Furious At Airline Agent For Mocking Girl's Name
  7. Dave_W

    Delta Force

    Delta Airlines vs. Peter Himmelman's Gibson

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