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  1. CosmicCowboy


    A friend convinced me to give amp modeling a try, so I picked up a Headrush Gigboard. I don't play out much, so finally had a chance to really test it out last night. I've got it running in to an Orange Pedal Baby and then my 2x12 cab. It sounded very good. Right now I basically have it set up...
  2. CosmicCowboy

    The Dead Man Was Unavailable For Comment...

    I used to work for a television station. Even the hot shot anchors and reporters will often just read the prompter as is.
  3. CosmicCowboy

    What happened to frogfur?

    Hahaha! Look at Edward James Olmos on a book cover!
  4. CosmicCowboy

    What did i just buy? Possible 50s jr?

    I see what you mean about the control cavity original route. Hard to spot, but it's there. Looks like a fun project.
  5. CosmicCowboy

    What did i just buy? Possible 50s jr?

    Could it be a modded Special Singlecut? Those control cavities look pretty clean to have been a hack job.
  6. CosmicCowboy

    NGD: 1988 PRS Custom 24

    Ah, I see it. Nice! Hope you enjoy it.
  7. CosmicCowboy

    NGD: 1988 PRS Custom 24

    I don't see how that top didn't rate a 10. Dang. The rotary has kinda grown on me. I don't use it for on the fly changes, that would be madness. But different tones for different songs, it's fun to have.
  8. CosmicCowboy

    NGD: PRS CE22

    I'm really liking the Dragon II pickups. They get a nice growl to them, but clean up pretty nice. Cool tones from the different single coil combinations as well.
  9. CosmicCowboy

    NGD: PRS CE22

    About two weeks ago I sold my PRS S2 C24 (just wasn't getting along with the pickups) and bought a CE22 off Reverb. Well, that guitar arrived and it was a hot mess. Electronics had been completely gutted. Since it was advertised as original pickups I sent it on back and when my refund process I...
  10. CosmicCowboy

    So...Robert Pattinson From Twilight Is The New Batman

    I'd like to fight Matt Damon
  11. CosmicCowboy

    Recent live clip of my guitar

    Great playing and great tone.
  12. CosmicCowboy

    NGD: McCarty

    Tonally it reminds me a LOT of the SG I had. Neck is not entirely dissimilar either. I'm liking it a lot.
  13. CosmicCowboy

    NGD: McCarty

    Last week I sold my Bluesman Vintage Junior style guitar. It hasn't had much play time in the past year, since our singer died. I was on the hunt for something different. Les Paul sound, but not Les Paul ergonomics. The SG didn't quite fit the bill, so I was going to try something different...
  14. CosmicCowboy

    What's your carry knife?

    Timely that this popped up. I had a Kershaw Scallion that I had carried for years. Easily my favorite knife. Sometime over the weekend I lost it. I guess the clip came loose and let it slip from my pocket. My replacement finally came Wednesday. The tip lock on my original had broken a while back...
  15. CosmicCowboy

    Hardly Ever Play It

    I had that setup on my Strat. If I ever get another that will be the first mod.
  16. CosmicCowboy

    2012 Bluesman Vintage Nomad

    Up for sale is my Bluesman Vintage Nomad single cut, single pickup. This is as close as you can get to a vintage Les Paul Junior without paying vintage prices. The D.Allen pickup is amazing. Such a huge range of tone from it. To my knowledge, this is the only single cut, single pickup Nomad to...
  17. CosmicCowboy

    Best deal you just missed?

    50's Guild F50. The estate sale sold it for $250. I told him he way undervalued the guitar. He responded that he really trusts the guy that appraises guitars for him. Who also happened to be the person who bought it.
  18. CosmicCowboy

    1993 PRS - $1,199 SOLD

    I caught it on the local CL and have been eyeing it. Unfortunately I'm also in the situation of having to let one go before I can grab it.
  19. CosmicCowboy

    1993 PRS - $1,199 SOLD

    Holy cow! Anyone want a Bluesman Vintage Nomad?
  20. CosmicCowboy

    1983 Les Paul Studio

    I've been tossed the possibility of a first year LP Studio in trade on a guitar I have. Google seems a bit all over the place on these guitars. Some say it's a 50's neck, others a 60's. Right now I'm thinking it might be something I go with just to flip. What is the general value on an old...

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