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    Original Collection

    Do the 50s les paul have light weight tailpiece and will historic parts fit on them. Thanks
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    50 vs 59

    What is the difference between a standard 50s and a 59 Thanks for your help Robert
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    LP Junior Harness

    What is a good vintage type harness for my LP Junior. Thanks
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    50/60's les paul

    Do the 50/60's les paul's have a long neck tenons?
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    2019 Gibson R8-Relisted SOLD pending payment.

    I accidentally deleted my original post so I have re-listed it. 2019 Gibson R8 in Bourbon Burst. Weight is around 8.8 lbs. Very Little play wear. Price is $3000.00 + Shipping of your choice. Shipping in CON US Only. No Trades. Thanks, Robert
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    Duplicate please delete. Relisted-2019 Gibson R8 Les Paul

    I accidentally deleted my original thread so I am relisting it. 2019 R8 in Bourbon Burst I bought it used from a reverb ad. I was told it weighed 8.8 lbs.. All original plus paper work. Asking 3000 + shipping. Thanks RobertD [email protected]
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    Deleted my post

    I accidentally deleted my for sale ad. Any way to get it back. Thanks Robert
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    Posting question

    How do i go in and edit my post. Thanks Robert
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    For Sale: 2019 Gibson R8 Price Drop

    2019 R8 in Bourbon Burst I bought it used from a reverb ad. I was told it weighed 8.8 lbs.. All original plus paper work. Asking 3000 + shipping. I will email you pictures. I am having trouble posting here. Thanks Robert [email protected] CON US Only Sorry No Trades
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    LP/SG harness

    Hello. I am looking for a vintage looking repro wiring harness for a 61 lp/sg Thanks
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    WTB: Older reissue Lifton case

    Just like the title says. I want one without the extra padding and the sixth latch. Hoping to find one under $400 if possible. Thanks
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    18/19 differences

    Are the only differences between the 2018 and the 2019 Les Paul's the pots, caps and unpotted pickups? Thanks
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    Les Paul standard 50/60 hardware

    How does the hardware compare to that on historic models. Same/different?
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    For Sale: 2018 R7/2007 Fender Thin Skin Jazzmaster

    Both are in excellent like new condition. Les Paul is a VOS model. Asking 3000 obo. Fender is a special run 62 reissue. Asking 1800 obo. Shipping will be 50 each. Any questions please contact me. Thank you
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    Double Gold

    What does this mean on a 57 Thanks
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    2018 Aged R8 SOLD

    For sale is my 2018 M2M Aged R8 I have only had it for 2 weeks. A family emergency is forcing me to sale. It weighs around 8.67 pounds. Only been pluged in once for about an hour. Like new condition. 3260.00 includind shipping to the Con US only. No trades. Thanks. for looking. PPG only
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    WTB: lightly aged 57 goldtop

    Let me know if you have one Thanks
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    WTB: Complete Wiring Harness for 62 SG Standard

    I am looking for a complete wiring harness for a 62 SG Standard. I am sure an original one would be out of my price range. I need some recommendations on where to get one. Also, it needs to come with a white aged toggle switch tip. Thanks Bobby
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    For Sale: 53/57 Goldtop Conversion

    Due to unforeseen medical bills I am forced to sell my 53/57 LP Conversion. Jim at Jam City did the conversion work and Kim at Historic Makeovers did the refin. I have a lot of email and pics I can send if you are interested. The pickups are Patent Sticker from the 60's, the bridge, tailpiece...
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    Does anyone know if Fake58 is still in business. I need some of their aged tuners with double ring buttons and have not received any response on the e-mails I sent. I tried to send another e-mail today and it came back "Undeliverable" Thanks for your help.

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