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  1. jason_mazzy

    Epiphone Elitist MAP

    From my research these are the MAPs I was able to get going on the elitists. I'm thinking these were around '07 or'08 prices: US SUGGESTED PRICES MAP/MSRP Elite/Gibson Elite Les Paul Standard Plus $1,537 $4,383 Elite Les Paul Custom $1,614 $3,998 Elite Les Paul Standard $1,460 $3,306...
  2. jason_mazzy

    No beerdog?

    I know it had been awhile and I was infrequent guest the last year while finishing school BUT where is beerdog? I was hoping to get a pedal repair and possibly another build in the next couple months and when I looked him up he was banned. Did he go crazy? Did one of the pedal builds go...
  3. jason_mazzy

    inbox full

    so i logged in after many, many months to a full inbox............. I started deleting messages that were not top of the list and after the first round realized I have 880 of the 200 I'm allotted................ figures.
  4. jason_mazzy

    best replacement panels for back of paul?

    Curious as I would like to pop off the panel with the badge. I have heard there is no perfectly matching switch cover panel so whats the closest to that in a matching switch/pots pair? Best bang for the buck?
  5. jason_mazzy

    My not a monstertop 59ri vos NGD missed

    A regular '59 iphone with hdr on and i think some are off:
  6. jason_mazzy

    When do you qualify for a monster top rating?

    When does it become a monster top? This one is filled with millions of tiger striped mini ribbons and seems to be quilted also along with a great natural wood mineral pattern underneath. Crappy iphone pics attached:
  7. jason_mazzy

    Bloody Katana arrived! Thanks Beer!

    And this thing is sexxxxy:
  8. jason_mazzy

    New eBay global shipping

    This looks good. Appears to protect the seller: Global Shipping Program. We updated this section to underscore that for eligible listings for which you have not previously specified an international shipping option, buyers from select countries will be shown an International Priority...
  9. jason_mazzy

    Spirit brand SG?

    Any ideas on spirit brand SG? I only ask because it has an open book headstock so I was curious if it is MIJ or decent guitar. Found for a somewhat Local sale for $75.
  10. jason_mazzy

    Red 53/54 les paul on Facebook shared by joe B

    Is this the one that was posted here for sale? Joe shred a pic on Facebook.
  11. jason_mazzy

    what gibson is kiss plaing right now?

    what LP is lead player playing?
  12. jason_mazzy

    beerdog pedal builds?

    I cant seem to find the thread are we still building the pedal?
  13. jason_mazzy

    ZAGER: Anyone own or play one?

    Curious if this is really a better and easier playing acoustic. EZ Play Models
  14. jason_mazzy

    Supervillian Thread

    Being inspired by the superhero thread who was your favorite SuperVillian and why? One of my all time favorites has been Venom. What an amazing character with a lot of depth and destruction.
  15. jason_mazzy

    looking for tube advice

    I have a Kustom Defender: it features one 12AX7 preamp tube and one EL84 power tube. because it is straight tube drive only the tube breakup offers distortion. It has a lot of clean headroom until it is quite loud. I am thinking of trying some vintage flavor for a nice sparkly clean that...
  16. jason_mazzy

    A sexy one at sweetwater

    Gibson Custom 1959 Les Paul Reissue VOS - Sunrise Teaburst | Do they match prices? If so u an try to get it for 3999 as per MF. This one is gorgeous to me wish it had been at zzounds with the 12 month option. Looks almost plaintop from front with a hint of flame and great...
  17. jason_mazzy


  18. jason_mazzy

    epic email conversation

    I Wish This Guy Was My Neighbor... He's Hilarious! - quickmeme sorry but there is no way I'm aware of to copy and paste this. It is well worth the read.
  19. jason_mazzy

    Winners of Wal-Mart Rap.... DMX Style

    UP IN HERE! Only at Walmart! "Winners of Walmart" by SSM - Hilarious music video DMX parody - YouTube
  20. jason_mazzy

    Advice on sanding the top without ruining it

    So I stripped the studio but I couldn't get some staining off the wood. The stripper took all the nitro off but sometimes where it smeared it left a black dye and no amount of laquer thinner on a rag takes it out completely. It sux because its in a few sporadic places so I am stuck sanding. I...

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