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  1. gaussgun

    Matamp GT120

  2. gaussgun

    Orange OR120

  3. gaussgun

    Orange OR120

  4. gaussgun

    Green EA MVU 120

  5. gaussgun

    Hiwatt Custom 100 DR103

  6. gaussgun

    Orange OR120 & Hiwatt DR103 into 14x12

  7. gaussgun

    Matamp GT 150

  8. gaussgun

    Sunn Model T ( original vintage )

  9. gaussgun

    LIC Pedals free GIVEAWAY

    Germanium Boost by @licpedals . A hand wired Rangemaster with a OC43 transistor tuned to give you heavy Iommi tones. Lifetime warranty. Happy to announce a giveaway! On instagram : like and repost this pic using tag #licgwy , follow...
  10. gaussgun

    Matamp GTV

  11. gaussgun

    Matamp GT120

  12. gaussgun

    HMD-1 by XIXtech ( hm-2 content )

    As a fan of that sweet HM-2 tone I always felt a little disappointed with 'all knobs to the right' usage and lack of versatility, But this HMD thing is the thing I’ve been looking for years. It’s impressive how responsive EQ is and what a range of sick tones can this pedal make by only tweaking...
  13. gaussgun

    Orange OD120 overdrive series two

  14. gaussgun

    Sunn Beta Lead

    A good dude of mine owns and plays this amp ;)
  15. gaussgun

    Sovtek MIG 50 head

    Head of doom! Funny but its based on fender bassman, which may sound suprisingly heavy being cranked 10
  16. gaussgun

    Sunn Concert Lead

  17. gaussgun

    Sunn Coliseum 880

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