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  1. gypsyseven

    Jensen P12Q in a 50w 2x6L6 combo?

    Just got a Pro Junior IV and love that sound. So I thought about getting a Jensen P12Q for my Kustom Defender combo... The amp is rated 50 watts and i‘m running it with 6L6‘s... Would i instantly blow the P12Q in this amp? Any help please!;)
  2. gypsyseven

    NGD - 2018 Classic Goldtop

    After years without a Les Paul I decided to get one again... Always missed that tone that i had in my head...And it was clear it got to be a Goldtop with P90‘s. As a Historic is outta my price range I had a look online at cheaper options and found the 2018 Classic - boom, there it was! Perfect...
  3. gypsyseven

    NGD - Tokai LS-1 R6 Goldtop

    Got this amazing guitar last week and I'm still blown away. Little heavy for me (9 lb) as i played exclusively Fender guitars the last few years. Was always a big Goldtop/P90 tone fan and this is exactly what i'm after. It looks great, plays great and sounds great!
  4. gypsyseven

    How to make a 4 conductor wire humbucker work for a classic 50´s wiring?

    As the title says....i got a problem to get my Epiphone SG work... It got two humbuckers and each pickup got 4 conductor wires (red,white,green,black and one´s a little bigger and also black). How do i solder such a pickup in classic way/50´s wiring???? Help please!
  5. gypsyseven

    NP´sD! Maxon DS-830 & EHX Holy Grail - WOW!

    Got them both for a few days now and i´m really happy and impressed. The Holy Grail gives some classic reverb (spring and hall), but fortunately i´ve found a pretty cool setting using the "Flerb".Never thought i´ll use it! But the real cool thing is the Maxon DS-830 - WOW!!!!!!!!! Not sure...
  6. gypsyseven

    EPIPHONE ALCaiola on eBay...

    That thing looks soooo cool! But a little over my budget:( EPIPHONE ALCaiola - Gibson ES330...1964 Vintage fender strings | eBay
  7. gypsyseven

    NPD - East River Drive - 3rd EXH pedal in 2 weeks...

    Got the East River Drive today and well, it´s a hell of an 808 pedal! Also very very nice combined with my Soul Food and/or Nano Big Muff:D They´re so different, but work amazingly well together! Seems like i should also get an OD Glove:D Also the Memory Boy/Toy caught my interests...
  8. gypsyseven

    Can´t believe i scored a Spaceman Rumblefuzz Pedal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Did my daily craiglist search and couldn´t believe what i saw - someone´s really selling a limited to 50 pieces Spaceman Rumblefuzz! Send a mail and paid per Paypal. Can´t wait to get it, in the videos it sounds more than amazing!!!!!
  9. gypsyseven

    NPD - EHX Nano Big Muff

    Finally in a smaller box, the Big Muff! Always wanted one but didn´t want to get an additional pedalboard just for this super big pedal... Got it today and i have to say that usually prefer low to medium OD´s for dirty sounds. The Nano Big Muff sounds pretty good (don´t know how close or...
  10. gypsyseven

    NAD - Vox AC15c1

    What a great start into a Vox AC15c1 today and i´m very impressed. Used to have a Deluxe Reverb RI, but it was too loud for me when it started sounding "good" to me...same with the AC30c2 i had before. The AC15c1 is still too heavy but sounds amazing and it´s hard to get a really...
  11. gypsyseven

    Santa came early this year....NGD! 50th anni. "1962" Sheraton!!

    Saw two brown trucks driving by today and already thought i have to wait one more day for it, but the third one stopped and brought this lovely guitar! I feel like a little kid again... It plays amazing, looks stunning and i´m more than excited to hear it through my DRRI tomorrow...
  12. gypsyseven

    NPD - Fuchs Plush Cream Overdrive

    Just got it in the mail today and tried it with my R8 and Fender Greta at home. Very amp-like and naturally sounding! Can´t wait to try it in band rehearsal tomorrow and use it to push my SHOD.... They got some pretty cool and interesting pedals: Plush Pedals
  13. gypsyseven

    To push a Mad Professor Sweet Honey OD....

    I want another pedal to push my SHOD...just to get a kinda 2nd channel with a little more gain and thicker... Any suggestions?:hmm: PS: I don't really wanna color that nice SHOD tone....
  14. gypsyseven

    Who's on Instagram ???

    Just thought it would be cool to find some more MLP members on Instangram... Here's my profile on Instagram:thumb:
  15. gypsyseven

    NPD - Mad Professor Sweet Honey Overdrive

    Got a SHOD today and had a little "test drive" with it, my R8 and my Yamaha THR-5 at home. I´m very very satisfied with it.It sounds very organic and amp-like. Cleans up "amazingly" nice with the guitars volume knob (never had a pedal that did it soo good!). It also sounds fantastic behind...
  16. gypsyseven

    Problems with the vibrato/tremolo on my DRRI...

    A few days back i noticed that the tremolo/vibrato doesn't work anymore on my DRRI... Any suggestions to check what's wrong? Changing the tube? Should it work also without the footswitch? Unfortunately i have no amp tech near me....
  17. gypsyseven

    One more time....pickups high or low?

    I know, it´s been discussed for million times, but i can´t really decide how set my pickups - high or low....:hmm: I have/play a 2011 R8 with the Burstbucker 1&2 combo...some pedals and a DRRI. So i just wanted to know, how you guys prefer to set the pickups in your Les Paul...high or...
  18. gypsyseven

    For sale in Germany/Europe - Way Huge Green Rhino MK II

    Like new.No scratches and nothing.Comes with the original box, manual and everything.Not even 2 month old. Way Huge Green Rhino MKII wie neu ink. OVP/Manual Overdrive Tubescreamer 808 | eBay Please ask for shipping rates and offers are welcome...
  19. gypsyseven

    Did i really found "THE" one pedal ?!!!!

    Just came home from band rehearsal and i think i could easily kick off any dirt pedal from my board except the Lovepedal High Power Tweed Twin....That pedal is the best i´ve ever had and tried.By far my favorite amp-like pedal....just wanna tell everyboday:D:D:D Uploaded with...
  20. gypsyseven

    NPD-Lovepedal High Power Tweed Twin

    Got this amazing pedal yesterday and i have to say that it's by far the best amp-like pedal i've ever had or tried... Uploaded with And really sounds that good like in this video: Lovepedal High Power Tweed Twin - YouTube :D

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