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    Heritage Guitars Custom Shop Disappointment

    I really want a H150 but with a three piece maple neck. I contacted the Custom Shop and the rep told me they used to use that neck configuration but no longer do it. I'm a little shocked they have a Custom Shop advertising "Let our years of experience and expertise turn your vision of the dream...
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    They Sent Me The Wrong Telecaster!

    I ordered an American Performer Telecaster and they sent me a Jimmy Page Mirror Telecaster. :mad2:
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    I Can Only Choose ONE Gibson Pickup

    I'm thinking of having a new custom spec'd Les Paul made. I've always wanted a single hum in the bridge position. Now that is said, I need to choose wisely. Yeah I can swap for a boutique brand, but whats see if Gibson can provide me with a pickup. My desired tone: clean when volume is low...
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    I Found a Beautiful 1979 Standard

    I went to my favorite guitar shop today and immediately saw a 1979 Les Paul Standard. Nicely reliced tobacco sunburst body, three piece maple neck, working electronics, etc. Only problem: the frets were on their last foot, I don't think they have enough meat for a re-crowning. The man who is...
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    Les Paul Custom Discontinued for Re-Tooling?

    I've notice Long & McQuade, Sweet Water and Wildwood Guitars don't have any more Les Paul Customs on their pages besides the 2017 limited editions and old stock. Did Gibson discontinue them for re-tooling or a price hike?
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    Gibson Branded Pots Suck (A Rant)

    I have had such bad luck with Gibson pots. I have had three Les Paul Customs (two new) in the past few years and they all had scratchy pots. My new custom spec'd Les Paul Custom, a guitar that is only two weeks out of the factory, has two scratchy volume pots. It wasn't until practice that I had...
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    Torrefied Granadillo Looks Pretty Good!

    I saw some 2018 Gibsons with torrefied granadillo fretboards and they look very good. Dark, pattered, hard as steel - I think Gibson made the right choice taking the extra step to make granadillo more visually appealing.
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    Don't Let Those Frisky SGs Near Your Les Pauls, Gents

    Or you may find yourself with one of these one day. For real, I love this thing. Kudos.
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    Just Dented My 2015 Custom

    I hit the back of the head stock on the corner of a wall, right on the edge. No finish chipped but being on the edge, impossible to fill. :facepalm::facepalm::facepalm: Learn to live with it, I guess.
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    New Custom On The Way

    My 2015 Black Beauty needs a friend. This girl just popped up on The Music Zoo at a good price. Used 2015 Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul Custom Three Pickup Electric Guitar Alpine White Yeah, it's actually a 2014. Someone f*cked up. The Zoo is otherwise a great store.
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    Les Paul Fort Knox

    A Gibson USA made Les Paul Custom with complete gold appointments? My ***** can only get so erect. I wish I could afford another new Custom.
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    So I Just Used Some Electrical Contact Cleaner...

    ...and my pots are as smooth as silk. Any drawbacks from using this product? I had a guitar salesman mention every time you apply it, it strips a little of the electrical contact from the device. Is this true? If so I'll use it sparingly in the future. But my Custom and Traditional sound and...
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    Gibson Is Doing One Thing Right for 2015

    I've been browsing and Gibson is doing a great job grading the materials used for their guitars. All their premium models (Standards, Traditions, etc.) have really nice caps, dark rosewood boards and nicely figured backs. That was one complaint I had other years. Sometimes I'd see...
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    Gibson SG 120

    Gibson USA: SG Standard 120 So with the upcoming Flying V 120 and Explorer 120, Gibson is releasing an SG 120. It appears to be an pre-2013 Sg Standard, e.i. bat-wing pickguard and late sixties neck joint. I actually prefer this version to the more respected 1961 version. EXPECT IT'S $1899!!!
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    We Have Some Compition for Roswewood

    I've been doing a little research as of late and rosewood looks like it's going the way of the rhino, and I say that appropriately. Just in the matter of months there has been a sudden rash of illegal rosewood poaching throughout Asia. You see, rosewood has just BOOMED in value as of...
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    (Possible) Fake Les Paul Custom in Greater T.O.

    I'm really glad I asked for some more photos of this guitar before I traveled about four hundred kilometers to see it. And the obvious giveaway: That phony serial and "made in USA" stamp. Some things are too good to be true. Les Paul Custom | guitars | Oakville / Halton Region | Kijiji
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    2014: Now Nib-free

    Finally, they got rid of those goddamn nibs. Luthiers rejoice!
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    2014 Les Paul Custom Phantom

    Gibson Custom Les Paul Custom - Phantom A Les Paul Custom without all the trimmings. So essentially a Custom Shop Les Paul Studio. Kind of diminishes the point of a Custom, doesn't it?
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    Les Paul Junior Custom Shop Reissue Discontinued?

    music123, Zzounds, American Musical Supply, and Long & McQuade has them either listed as discontinued or removed from their catalogs. I've noted that I haven't seen one in a while. Musicians Friend has single cut versions available for order, but no DCs. Damn, my favorite guitar.
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    Two New 2013 Les Paul Supreme Colors!

    Alpine White Burst: Translucent Ebony: I've got a real hard-on for that Alpine White Burst.

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