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    NAMM 2018: Gibson No-Show Confirmed

    haha. yeah, i vacillate between guitar models, and have been in full on telecaster mode for the last six months or so. i wasn't keeping up with "all things gibson." :)
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    NAMM 2018: Gibson No-Show Confirmed

    i had not heard that they were abstaining from showing up this year. i was quite surprised when i went to the third floor and they weren't there. hmm, interesting.
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    tele pickups for sale: lollar/mare

    i have a couple tele pickups for sale. first is a set of lollar's. they are the "special" bridge pickup, and the "vintage" neck pickup. they are from 2016, but are in mint condition. they have full length leads, and mounting hardware. $180.00 as pp gift, or you add fees. next up is a don...
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    looking for the fastest feet in the west. :)

    my buddy claims to be just that, but when we were playing around at a party last night, i asked him if he could play this tune (at this tempo) with the double bass idea i was hearing. he wasn't quite getting the gist (even though it's pretty simple, and yet almost impossible). i told him i'd...
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    A Note on Squealing Feedback and Some Ways to Avoid It

    if the teflon tape actually works, that's a great tip. and it's also a bonus in how economical a fix it is. you can even use colors. :) thanks for the research.
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    Has anybody tried Mojotone pickups? Verdict? Comments?

    i got the chance to play a set of their '59 clones at the namm show earlier this year. they had a little iso booth at their floor space at the convention center. they sounded very good. they were loaded into a lp standard (i think. it may have been a gold top). they were very clean and...
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    The 2017 ReWind Electric Summer Gear Giveaway is ON now! (FREE PICKUPS & MORE)

    yeah, i'm audio only. this was done with no eq (or anything else). and unfortunately, the ac/fan combo made it into the recording. :) gear: edwards les paul custom two paf style piclups (i won't disclose the winders) amp was a vox ac15c1 (greenback celestion) two cords, with a way huge green...
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    The 2017 ReWind Electric Summer Gear Giveaway is ON now! (FREE PICKUPS & MORE)

    is a video a prerequisite? what about a thorough description of the gear, and an audio recording? do you need to "see" the gear?
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    can anyone here reshape my tele neck?

    dude, i sent you a pm. when i saw "clay dots" i almost passed out. i want to correspond with you. checketh thine pm. :)
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    can anyone here reshape my tele neck?

    yeah, this was finished by the guy i bought it from, so any warranty ap has would have been voided. the guy who finished it is working out a trade thing. but i'm going to pm ltdave, too. :)
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    can anyone here reshape my tele neck?

    you're probably right. or maybe i can find a trade with someone. i hear folks who like the baseball bat necks really love them. the only bummer (for me) is that this is rosewood. i'm sure a maple board (nocaster) would be a much easier trade to make.
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    can anyone here reshape my tele neck?

    if this isn't an appropriate request here, then go ahead and delete it. what i have is an allparts tele (rosewood board) neck that i ordered finished in a nitro relic look. there was a miscommunication on the neck profile. i didn't want the "fat" version, but that's what i have. what i'd like...
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    Help me find PAF pickups for my Les Paul!!

    omg, these threads are awesomely hilarious. poster asks a question (including a simple wiring mod), and all the anecdotal replies fall in like lemmings. the first response was the best one. TRY '50s wiring. if after that you aren't satisfied (and you probably won't be), do some due diligence in...
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    Pickups for my R0

    dude, i thought i was bad. :) i have the same year r0, and finally stuck a set of wizz pickups in it about a year ago. i'm done...they'll do. :) the set i have are an early wind he did in the "peter green" variety, but the original owner (i'm the second) had flipped the bridge p-up magnet to set...
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    Orville Gibson Japan or Edwards E-LP92

    i have the e-lp98 in black, and can vouch for how nice those guitars are. i did swap out the duncans for some other pickups, though. i forgot which versions came stock, but they were duds. you said you can drive (albeit a bit of a journey) to play it. i'd say go for it. if it's fairly well...

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