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    LP Traditional 2015 with regular specs?

    if it has a cover on the back, then it's a Trad Pro (GC exclusive). There was also a limited run for 2015 of "Traditionals" with 61 pickups, HCB 3A flame tops, and a 50s neck, destined for the Japanese Domestic Market. I had one, only paid $1100 for it. It was for all intents and purposes a...
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    Epiphone Custom Black 1989 MIK Korea

    Well, 32 years, but old enough. I’d personally pay maybe 600 or so.
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    Songs you are learning.

    That’s funny lol
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    My Epiphone LP is better than my Gibson LP

    I never understand these posts..... I’ve got both brands, enjoy each for what they do, which is let me play guitar and try to have some assemblance of music.
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    Egnater Quality?

    I have a Tweaker 40 head. I’ve had it about four years. Two years ago it died. Would make this horrible chirp when turning it off if I didn’t use the standby switch. One day it just didn’t turn on. contemplated throwing it in the garbage, but instead, bought a mercury transformer and fixed it...
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    Songs you are learning.

    Been trying to learn some Rolling Stones recently, even though was never a big stones fan.
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    NGD: Inspired by 1955 Les Paul Custom

    These have Gibson p90s. I have one. On par with every Gibson I own as well.
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    SOLD: 2014 Memphis ES Les Paul

    Great price, great guitar.
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    Fender Custom Shop Custom Esquire

    This is sweet
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    Looking for a Gibson Boneyard (Green Tiger)

    Music Zoo had one a few months ago, you may want to give them a call
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    Wow, what a top. I have a blueberry burst with a sick top but yours ranks as the single most intense top I think I’ve ever seen.
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    Guitar Center Question - Epiphone+ More...

    They've been able to maintain stronger pricing due to the recent law changes associated with sales tax on ebay and reverb.
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    Guitar Center Question - Epiphone+ More...

    PS: When a store is physically closed, they have taken the inventory from that store offline completely.
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    Guitar Center Question - Epiphone+ More...

    You're more than likely not going to be able to buy used for the next month or two. Most of GC's physical stores are closed due to the pandemic.
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    FS: 2017 Gibson Les Paul Standard T Honeyburst

    Oh my.... I am loving this.
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    SOLD: 2017 Epiphone Les Paul Custom 1955 - Black satin gloss

    These are beautiful. Love mine. Even had mine for sale on reverb but decided it’s wY too good and too special to get rid of. Best of luck!
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    New Epi Headstocks...... opinions

    Not sure you read my entire post but we will forget that detail. I have plenty of Gibsons, plenty of Epiphones, but I too thought it was a good move until finally seeing one in person.
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    WTB: Gibson Les Paul Standard or Traditional

    Im leaning towards that type of build next as I have everything but a bridge and tail piece, and want a 2014 color, which stratosphere has a lot of.
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    WTB: Gibson Les Paul Standard or Traditional

    The Trad Pro is a poorly named model as there is almost nothing Traditional about it. 60s necks ( similar to classics) with mixed pickups, about the only thing traditional was it’s often heavy weight.
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    New Epi Headstocks...... opinions

    I’ve never had an issue with any headstock, but the new one looks so bloated at the bottom.... I’ve always liked how the Epi custom head stocks have been. Actuslly the best so far imo has been the Holy Diver LP. It’s like the old but with no clipped tips.

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