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  1. Arthur

    My band released a new single

    Hey guys, I'd love it if you guys checked out my band's new single and consider dropping our Facebook page a like - Cheers!
  2. Arthur

    Help with tune-o-matic bridge

    Hey guys, In an act of unmitigated clumsiness I managed to knock the screw that adjust the height of the bridge on my 335 out of place whilst restringing. The guitar was set up a couple a months ago but now that the bridge is out it is screwed. Will this require another full set up, or is it an...
  3. Arthur

    ii-v-i of any kind using Am7?

    Hey man, I'm not sure I understand the first part of the question as Am7 is the ii chord in G major, every note in an Am7 is in G major A, C, E, G. You typically use a m7b5 in a minor 2-5-1 progression, for example you'd have Am7b5 - D7 - Gm7 if you were playing in G minor. As for the smoother...
  4. Arthur

    what happens when making super smart AI

    Interesting stuff, this is a good read Sam Harris spoke to the author of that essay on his podcast and they discussed it, was very interesting
  5. Arthur

    Has anybody on here done pro/semi pro theatre pit work?

    Thanks a heap for the reply pal I really appreciate your perspective on this, sounds like you have had a pretty full on gigging life! I've only done my first musical recently (Next to Normal) and boy I certainly learnt to make LIGHT pencil markings the hard way, it took my an hour to get all the...
  6. Arthur

    Has anybody on here done pro/semi pro theatre pit work?

    Hey all! Was just wondering if anyone here has had much experience in pro/semi pro theatre pits. I'm particularly interested in what setups you use, whether it's all digital or whether you're running analog effects etc. Also, if anybody has had any experience depping I'd be interested to know...
  7. Arthur

    Happy NGD! 2016 True Historic Murphy Flame

    That second photo is incredible
  8. Arthur

    Has anybody here successfully started/have tips on growing an Instagram page?

    I mean an instagram page for guitar related stuff - I see all these accounts with thousands of followers and it absolutely baffles me how they get so many! Has anybody had any luck with this?
  9. Arthur

    The Guitarists Confessional Booth - Your 6-string sins

    I once exclaimed to a conservative audience that my "g-string is out"
  10. Arthur

    What do you play when someone asks you to play?

    Okay so I'm sure we've all encountered moments where upon telling someone that you play guitar the person or group instantly begs you to "play something!!" These situations cause much confusion for a guy like myself because I'm fairly certain that they don't want to hear a 12 bar in G or a...
  11. Arthur

    WTB: Correct Tuners for '65 Melody Maker

    Hey guys, Just picked up a '65 melody maker which is original except for the tuners, if any of you have anything lying around please PM me Cheers!
  12. Arthur

    How to neatly set up pedalboard?

    Thanks for all that guys, and yeah with zip ties though how do you actually use them :laugh2: sorry for being so naive..but when I see other guys' pedalboards I don't see any zip ties could one of you perhaps post a photo?
  13. Arthur

    How to neatly set up pedalboard?

    Hey guys, Might seem like a dumb question but how have you guys set up your pedalboards so neatly? Mine has patch cables and power cables from my power supply everywhere and it look like a mess...also does anybody have any tips for how to mount a power supply under a pedal board without the...
  14. Arthur

    Jazzheads, I need help

    Thanks Huw! Yeah All Blues is in G but yeah I agree that an arpeggio approach might be a bit bizarre, I think it would be better to highlight the chords through guide tones and different scale for example G Dorian over the C7 as you said. And I will definitely look into those arpeggios for Days...
  15. Arthur

    Jazzheads, I need help

    Can't believe I left that out! I'm playing Days of Wine and Roses and All Blues.
  16. Arthur

    Jazzheads, I need help

    Hey guys, I have a university (college) audition in about a week for jazz guitar where I'm playing Days of Wine and Roses and All Blues and I have everything under control except for some arpeggios. I'm not looking for anything fancy but just some basic arpeggio ideas for either or both of these...
  17. Arthur

    Mods delete

    Sorry guys, posted in the wrong section.
  18. Arthur

    2005 Les Paul Standard Faded fitted with Shed PAF Daddys

    I've always loved the look of the Standard Fadeds and this is no exception! GLWS!!
  19. Arthur

    Nut very hard to remove on Les Paul Junior

    I bought it new, so it either came like this from the factory or the store I bought it from did something dodgy Ah that could explain it, but were Gibson plekking in 2009?
  20. Arthur

    Nut very hard to remove on Les Paul Junior

    So I took my 2009 BJA Junior to get a setup and my guitar tech said the nut needed a bit of work, however, when he went to tap it out the whole thing shattered a bit and really wasn't budging. It's fine now there was no damage and my tech installed a new nut but is it normal for Gibson to use so...

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