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  1. straybeat

    Bridge Tone Knob Popping Off When Pulling for Boost.

    Get a tube of Loctite and put a little drop on the shaft. 242 would probably be the best to use that won't cement the knob on forever. 202 would probably come off too easy and not hold the knob on well?
  2. straybeat

    The Fake Epiphone Thread II

    Hey you guys is this a fake, before one of the guys puts his money down on it?
  3. straybeat

    Help with Epiphone Prophecy GX info

    I've had mine almost 10 years and wouldn't trade it for any other! But mine is completely different than what they produce now? Ebony fretboard, graphite nut, Dirty Fingers pickups, satin finish slim taper neck (Not sure if this applies on others?), 24 frets, Love it!
  4. straybeat

    Are Probuckers the same as Bustbuckers

    Hmmm, now I'd have to look up if they are in my Ultra-339 too? I never actually paid much attention to specs (although I probably did at time of purchase?), but as long as it felt good and sounded good, I went with it.
  5. straybeat

    From my recent NGD

    Don't know why, but I always found blackbacks cooler and more classy than your standard finishes? I always wanted one, but have too many guitars as it is. Argh!
  6. straybeat

    Final upgrades done...

    I'll bet if you re-magnetized the Epi pickups, you'd have a brand new set of killer ones there too?
  7. straybeat

    Are Probuckers the same as Bustbuckers

    At the introduction of Probuckers I remember reading, and I paraphrase, it's been a lot of years, that Probuckers were basically identical to Burstbuckers, except wound in China instead of America.
  8. straybeat

    Push pull pots

    Hmmm, this type has 2 sets of tangs, upper and lower, if yours are like this? It would just be a bit more PITA to clean. Otherwise spring for $7 each and cop some new ones. ;)[0]=147
  9. straybeat

    Push pull pots

    I used to do it the hard way, slip a knife blade under the 4 tangs bend them back and pull the the housing off. (Yes, I was a bored, broke-ass kid LOL). Then use alcohol and Q-tip off the track around the pot, cleaning the dirt and carbon build-up (whatever that stuff is). Put it back together...
  10. straybeat

    My new to me Epiphone showed this week and I could use your opinions.

    Funny, a few years ago somebody asked what a "Reverse Cherry Sunburst" would like like? Bad question to ask... LOL
  11. straybeat

    Strange headstock logo??

    Their "fancy" logo had the drop-down "N" with a tail like Gibson does. The plainer "straight across" logo was from like 1998 (I forget exactly, been too long since I looked it up) that they went back to. My Ultra-339, Lee Malia and Genesis Pro's have the straight logo like your Standard. My...
  12. straybeat

    What is the general opinion on Indonesian Epiphones ?

    I have 2 Indonesian Epi's and I always thought they were trying to do better to make a name for themselves? I love them both!
  13. straybeat

    Epiphone Dark Cherry Custom??

    I have the dark cherry Prophecy GX and had a 2003 wine red Standard. 2 totally different colors. They called my 339 cherry. :slap:
  14. straybeat

    Strange headstock logo??

    In those years of Epi's they went back to their old style logo.
  15. straybeat

    Help with Epiphone Prophecy GX info

    Yours was definitely rosewood. My 2010 is ebony and I believe it's the only year they were? The next year changed to rosewood and I remember saying that I was glad I bought mine when I did.
  16. straybeat

    Help me identify this Les Paul Standard

    The one I saw was the top. 1. There was an inch below the knobs 2. A piece through the horn and knobs 3. An inch above the knobs 4. The center through the pickups 5. An inch above the pickups 6. A section through the bout and body 7. And an inch piece on the top of the body.
  17. straybeat

    Help me identify this Les Paul Standard

    I saw a Gibson Standard once that was 7 pieces. Wish I'd have grabbed the pic of it, never saw it again.
  18. straybeat

    Help me identify this Les Paul Standard

    FWIW, my 81 Carvin DC150 is poly and it cracked all around the pots. No where else though... so far.
  19. straybeat

    Slim Neck vs Fat Neck Epi LPs

    I grew up on Gibson Norlin LP's in the 70's, so I like the thin necks. But after 50 years of playing you could give me a strung telephone pole and I can play it fine. :rofl:

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