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  1. Iceman0124

    NGD! PRS Tonare SE T60E!

    NGD! PRS SE T60E. This beast is beautiful, and playability is on par with my Korina McCarty, …..initial impressions on tone weren't favorable though, quiet and muted, however after 20 minutes or so of playing I can feel the top getting much livelier, and the tone getting much more complex, I've...
  2. Iceman0124

    PRS SE Tonare T60E inbound!

    Not a huge acoustic guy,, but after seeing this model, had to get one. I love Ziricote, and this one is dressed to kill! PRS SE T-60 E Dont normally name my guitars, but after staring at the back for a minute, think I have to name it Cthulhu! I know this is made in China, but if...
  3. Iceman0124

    NGD inbound! 95 Hamer USA studio

    Wanted one for decades, but this is my first, cant wait!
  4. Iceman0124

    PRS 12'th fret side dots...

    I have 3 USA PRS guitars, a 2015 S2 C22 SH, 2013 McCarty Korina and most recently a beautiful 2005 CE 24, had her about a week, this morning I noticed something unusual. She only has one side dot at the 12'th fret, looks just like all the others....My S2 and McCarty have the traditional...
  5. Iceman0124

    NGD 05 PRS CE24 in Orange

    I've wanted a PRS in this finish and top for 20 odd years, the top is much more beautiful than the ad shots, and the quick cell phone/led flash grabs I have here don't do her justice either, should have quality pics soon! Ad shot, In the flesh! Looks wise I am blown...
  6. Iceman0124

    NGD inbound! 2005 PRS CE24!

    The G&L tribute was a bust, and a blessing in disguise... 2005 PRS 20'th ann.CE 24 in trans orange, wanted a PRS in this color for ages, and I don't have a 24 fret PRS or a PRS with rotary switch, and always wanted one. The Music Zoo recently had one in fair condition, non original case and...
  7. Iceman0124

    Paul is putting his signiture on the 2017 SE line

    Interesting Paul always made a point that he doesn't make the SE's, they are made "for" PRS and that's why he wont put his name on them, he has apparently changed this stance. Personally I don't really care, but would be interested in...
  8. Iceman0124

    NGD incoming! G&L Tribute ASAT BB Limited

    I said no more guitars after getting my PRS McCarty Korina/Brazillian board ....I made it 8 months, which aint bad considering.... This is not near the level of the PRS, but excited all the same. Limited edition G&L Tribute ASAT Classic Bluesboy in metallic turquoise...
  9. Iceman0124

    Fender Super champ X2 head issues

    Just got an open box Super Champ X2 head from MF. Sounded great when I first plugged in, 15 minutes later all output was a weird digital plinking noise with intermittent bits of the guitar signal trickling through occasionally. I updated the firmware and all was well, till this
  10. Iceman0124

    NGD inbound! PRS SE 277 Baritone SH!

    PRS SE 277 SH Baritone with soapbars. I've been curious about these for a good while, found one barely used for a fair price , sweet top, and pulled the trigger, my second PRS from Daves and I'm about as excited for this as I was my Korina McCarty with Brazilian board. Looks wise...
  11. Iceman0124

    PRS McCarty slight makeover

    Love my McCarty Korina but wasn't a fan of the all gold, here she is now Went for a hybrid look, not a drastic change but very striking in my eyes, love this guitar :cool:
  12. Iceman0124

    NGD PRS McCarty Korina/Braz

    Been holding off on the NGD thread due to a smallish chip in the finish on the horn by the strap pin that likely happened during shipping....wasn't sure if I was keeping her, but we have bonded, there is a slight chance she could go back (waiting to hear back from PRS on possible solutions) but...
  13. Iceman0124

    PRS finish question

    Got my PRS McCarty Korina P90 yesterday afternoon, as it came from a very cold place to a cold place I gave it a full 24 hours to acclimate.I opened the case, she is beautiful, but I immediately noticed a weird pinky nail size and shape thing sitting on the top...then a patch of bare wood to the...
  14. Iceman0124

    NGD inbound! PRS Mcarty P90 Korina/Braz FB

    Cant wait, got a steal of a deal on a new PRS Mcarty Korina with Brazilian board and P-90's....for $150 more than the S2 semi hollow I bought last year. They are blowing these out, still have a couple dozen or so left Paul Reed Smith - Dave's Guitar Shop I cant wait, almost got the...
  15. Iceman0124

    NGD! Alvarez GD 50

    Not near the Dead Head I used to be, but these are freaking too cool to pass on, Haven't spent much time with it yet, but sounds and plays nice so far, Solid Cedar top, mahogany back and sides, the top is screen printed. Overall a nice and affordable collectors piece...
  16. Iceman0124

    PRS SE C22 Semi Hollow Looks pretty sweet, stop tail only it seems at least for now. Also a solid with different pups new to the SE line "Tone Furnace"....dunno where they pull out some of these names... My guess is these will be in the...
  17. Iceman0124

    Do pickups and electronics have a "break in" phase?

    I recently bought a brand new PRS S2 C22 Semi hollow, the guitar was removed from the shipping box to be photographed and that's all. I love the guitar in general but was really disappointed with the pups and the coil "tap" ...unplugged she sings, plugged in was kinda flat and lacking...
  18. Iceman0124

    NGD PRS S2 C22 SH!! Lots o pics!

    Actually got her Wednesday , got pics yesterday and now have time to post :cool: She is beautiful :shock: , the pics of the guitar that led me to buy her don't do her justice, nor do the ones I took, I simply love the top, nice tight flame with tons of...
  19. Iceman0124

    NGD inbound! PRS S2 C22 Semi Hollow!

    I've been kicking around for a used DGT in Solana...then this beauty caught my eye and I couldn't resist, Violin amber burst, locking tuners, pattern regular neck, #7 pups, love the top, not too blingy, defiantly not boring and I'm sucker for single F holes...cant wait till she gets...
  20. Iceman0124

    Did GC lose their in store PRS line?

    Went into my local GC for the first time in ages to check out some MIA PRS, sadly they are the only local options I am aware of these days, behind the counter where they normally are were a handful of midline Gibsons, a bunch of Epiphone and Gretsch elctromatic the back coner they...

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