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  1. callmeval

    Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul Standard 1997

    Anyone know the background of this guitar? It doesn't look like a historical reissue. Was it just a Les Paul Standard with an ABR-1 bridge?
  2. callmeval

    Debating "imperfections"

    Surely cosmetic flaws are a testament to the fact that they're handmade guitars & shouldn't this be a reassuring thing? I mean, if Les Paul's were 100% aesthetically perfect it'd raise questions & concerns? Like, make people suspect them of being made by machines instead of people? Also, why...
  3. callmeval

    My Epiphone LP is better than my Gibson LP

    If you've always wanted a Gibson but are smart enough to buy Epiphone's instead you're in luck because chances are you have a better guitar My Epiphone Classic 2020 is better than the Gibson it's based on, which I also own. When ordinary people see my Epiphone & my Gibson side by side they...
  4. callmeval

    Gibson USA Slash Anaconda 2018. Affordable R9 in disguise?

    The USA model is a solid body with a long neck tenon, no weight relief or chambering, a one piece back & it's constructed from light mahogany (my one weighs around 8 pounds) it also has a hide glue fitted neck, rosewood fingerboard & historic medium jumbo frets too. It even has the same neck...
  5. callmeval

    Has the size of the 50's neck been grossly exaggerated?

    I've avoided 50's necks for years just because I've heard everyone say (or complain) that they're too fat & chunky for fast playing. But I recently got to play several LP's with 50's necks & they felt more comfortable to me than 60s necks. I found it even easier to play faster on them than 60's...
  6. callmeval

    Has Gibson always used cream colored plastics?

    I was looking at pictures of some original 50's era Les Paul's & most of them appear to have white pick guards, white switch plates & white mounting rings. Maybe it's a trick of lighting (or maybe the were photoshopped to look white) or did they just decide to use cream colored plastics later on?
  7. callmeval


    Guitar was professionally set-up last week, (fret dress etc) very low action & it's in excellent condition. I just prefer the way LP Classics feel. Swap for one in heritage cherry without snot inlays (& preferably with kluson tuners)
  8. callmeval

    Epiphone 2020 LP Classic - swap for Gibson quick connect system + pups UK

    This is an inspired by Gibson model from their modern range. It's the higher end version with a real maple top (not veneer) & CTS pots. Swap for a Gibson Quick Connect System with 2 pick-ups included, chrome tuners & a chrome bridge. Surrey area of UK
  9. callmeval

    Wiring advice needed. Regular Gibson pickup to push pull pot.

    Hey guys, I'd like to install a normal Gibson pickup in my Les Paul but it has push pull pots. The pickup I'd like to install only had two wires lol how would I do this?
  10. callmeval

    Gibson SG Custom - swap for LP UK

    Looking to straight swap my guitar for a Gibson Les Paul with low action Collection only, Surrey UK From a limited run of only 200 ever made in the 80s Original Gibson case Ebony board Mother of pearl inlays TonePros locking superbridge Grover tuners 2 EMG pickups (85/81) with quick connect...
  11. callmeval

    Gibson SG Custom 1988 Showcase Edition, trade for other Gibson Custom model.

    Hey guys, looking to trade rather than sell my Gibson SG Custom Showcase edition 1988 for another SG Custom or LP Custom model. It's a great guitar, very unusual and kooky and extremely rare too, so I feel it'd suit a collector, which I'm not. UK Only.
  12. callmeval

    WANTED: ESP Navigator LP Custom (UK please)

    If anyone's got a used one they're looking to pass with let me know
  13. callmeval

    FGN NC LC-20 BLK should I get one?

    I'm curious to hear from owners of this guitar. Is it any good? The headstock and truss rod cover aren't really my cup of tea... but at least it's better looking than an Epiphone lol and the rest of the guitar has everything I want and need on it too. If I were to save for a few weeks more I'd...

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