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  1. Eric R

    FS: Gibson 496R Humbucker

    SOLD! Gibson 496R humbucker. Has been played in my goldtop after I converted the P90's to humbuckers. This was a temporary solution until I found myself the right Dimarzio. Dimarzio came in last Friday, still awaiting the nickel cover. 496R is at this point stil in the goldtop but will be...
  2. Eric R

    Can I sell my 496R humbucker here?

    Is it allowed to put my 496R humbucker up for sale here?
  3. Eric R

    Hi from the Netherlands

    Hi, This might be my 4th post, thought it would be nice to introduce myself here. I am Eric, 35 year old guitarbloke from the Netherlands. Eversince the day I've seen Slash on Hypodrome june '92 (wich was broadcasted on TV) I've been obsessed bij the Gibson Les Paul guitar. I now own 2, a Les...
  4. Eric R

    Dimarzio conversion?

    As i like the historic correct look of a les paul guitar, I wil never mount a dimarzio with them hexametric style polepieces. Now, the thing is, I do like the sound of a Humbucker From Hell by Dimarzio. wich gives a lot of clarity in neck pos. So, here's the thing. Could it be converted by...

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