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  1. Mr-Punk

    Burny RLG 75 GR Slash NGD

    Hey got my Jap LP's out and figured I put some pics up and show off my 8 month old Bday gift. Best I can tell it's a 94ish RLG 75 GR Japanese Slash LP. Picked it up from a local shop for 600 bucks with case. It's been upgraded with a what I believe is a gotoh bridge and the coolest bridge...
  2. Mr-Punk

    77 Custom Dream Guitar

    My 77 all original as far as I can tell LP Custom Tobacco Burst. It's not a lightweight but this thing sustains forever. :dude: It isn't pancaked and has a 1 piece back. 3pc maple top and 3pc maple neck. Got it with what appears to be the original case for 2500. I think the PU's are the...
  3. Mr-Punk

    New 06 Studio

    So I got a 06 Studio, white with gold hardware and ebony fretboard, For an awesome deal ($500). The other Studio in the pix is my 01 in ebony. I think I like it better. The neck feels better. The white one has some ridiculously hot dimarzio bridge pick up in it, but I got the stock 498t...
  4. Mr-Punk

    Studio caps upgrade?

    hey guys, I just picked up my first Gibby, a 01 Studio Ebony with the thick 50s neck and I love it. Upon cleaning it up and testing it out the bridge volume pot was scratchy so I opened it up and cleaned the pots with contact cleaner. That's when I noticed the ceramic tone caps, and IMO the...
  5. Mr-Punk

    Japanese Flame top under Opaque finishes??

    I have an early 80's Burny LP Custom Black. I figure it's around that time because the it has the 2 hole truss rod cover and the correct Gibson split diamond inlay with fret edge binding. I think it has a thin poly finish and I can't tell what wood the top is from the pickup cavities (its all...
  6. Mr-Punk

    Burny Black Custom

    Hey guys, I won an auction for a early to mid eighties Burny Black Custom. It has the 2 hole truss rod cover and correct gibson style custom headstock inlay. The funny thing is Ebay pulled the auction right after I won and the seller says it told him it was a tradmark violation. I do recall...
  7. Mr-Punk

    Burny LeS Paul "Super Grade" good deal??

    Hey Guys I ran across a Burny Les Paul "super grade" for around 800 with an epi case. The guy says it is an 80's model. The flame is really awsome on it. The Hardware is kinda faded. Does this seem like a good deal?? I've been wanting to upgrade from my korean epi standard to something more...
  8. Mr-Punk

    new amp actually old

    Hey guys, I'm super stoked I found the deal of a lifetime. Went to a pawn shop in some little hick town and guess what was against the wall. A jcm 800 2204 vertical input 50 watt half stack!!! The tagger said 799 for it all. The speaker jack on the slant 412 was missing the nut and had...
  9. Mr-Punk

    Anyone tried Tonepros bridge???

    Hey all, I have a highly modded 2000 Standand trans red Limited Edition. It's been totally rewired with pu's, pots, switch and caps. I also put new tonepros kluson style tuners on it (they are awsome tight as sperzels but no locking) I was wondering if anyone has tried the tonepros bridge...

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