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  1. Ph03n1x

    Mini humbucker tone in full size HB?

    I was reading about a guy that used to put mini HBs under a full sized HB cover for Mark Ford. Apparently he doesn't make them anymore. Does anyone know of a current winder that makes a mini hb in a full size format? I have a guitar that is way too muddy in the neck and remembered one of my...
  2. Ph03n1x

    Did anyone here go for this Greco Jazzmaster? I know these rarely come up but 250k JPY for a Greco Super Real JM seems a little steep! Was watching this in the morning when it was below 40k.
  3. Ph03n1x

    Hacksaw bridge posts or buy new ones?

    I've finally put my 1980 Greco LP Custom together. It had a neck crack and bad top refinish attempt. I have it set up so it is playing really nice now. However, the bridge posts are sticking up like 8mm and I find my hand easily catches on the one closest to me. This isn't a vintage burst or...
  4. Ph03n1x

    Fake Les Paul Custom binding (tape?)

    So I have a vintage Greco LP custom. Someone had butchered the top. I sanded it back but assumed the binding was real 5 ply binding. It turns out it was just 1 layer of regular plastic binding with a 5 line pinestriping tape on the top. It is only sanded through on 2 spots (about 5-6cm...
  5. Ph03n1x

    Tone / Volume pot change to brighten a neck pickup?

    Hi guys, I recently bought a set of Wolftone pickups and I like the bridge. The neck doesn't seem to match. It has that blanket over the tone feeling. I kind of like the individual note clarity with it but it feels muffled over all. I am wondering if adding a 1M volume or tone pot could...
  6. Ph03n1x

    Refinish top on a classical guitar?

    I have a nice 80s MIJ classical guitar that probably isn't collectable. It got knocked over and this caused a big scratch on the surface in addition to a few other marks. The finish is poly and I was considering refinishing the top since I have 2x clear nitro spray cans (amber tint and...
  7. Ph03n1x

    Has anyone posted 2 guitars to Aus in one box with FedEx recently?

    Just wondering what you were charged. I suspect rates to the US would be similar but if anyone has had a recent shipment of 2 guitars from Aus with Fedex, I would like to hear what you were charged.
  8. Ph03n1x

    Tube amp snobbery, modellers and DIY speaker ideas...

    So I have always loved tube amps. At one point I owned a blackface super reverb from a trade. I don't gig and this amp was totally overkill but it sounded beautiful. I have some parts from an organ that someone threw out (old conn). I think I could do a 5E3 amp but then I started hearing...
  9. Ph03n1x

    NGD: ST57-105DMC

    Got this in the mail from Japan yesterday. These were a limited run with 2 piece alder bodies, nitro finish and specifically made Dimarzio pickups. It has a few marks on the body but otherwise like new.
  10. Ph03n1x

    MIJ Holly Splendor (1 piece body) ?Sen ash

    I just got this Holly Splendor (?early 80s) strat. I picked it up with the idea of just selling off the neck and using the body since it is a 1 piece. (Looks like sen ash). The neck is actually fairly chunky and has a nice slab of rosewood on it with minimal fret wear. So now I am thinking...
  11. Ph03n1x

    Did someone here get this Greco 335? I actually threw in an early bid on this but I hadn't fully read the description. I then realized the entire neck had been painted black including the serial number. Then the sticker in the cavity didn't match the description of 1980...
  12. Ph03n1x

    Anyone come across Q Pickups "Dry Z" variant?

    I've been on the hunt to replace the humbuckers in one of my LPs and came across the following ebay listing: He has a website but it lacks description for his offerings. It...
  13. Ph03n1x

    Vineham vs. Wolftone PAF?

    I was initially looking at Wolftone Legends or their Dr. Vintage PAFs but then heard about Vineham. The fact that he is also Canadian and his prices are in our currency is kind of appealing right now with the ridiculous exchange rate. However, I haven't seen many reviews or comparisons and...
  14. Ph03n1x

    Greco strat questions

    I bought this 82 SE600 last year and eecently decided to look under the pickguard. I am used to the bodies having a number in the neck pocket. It should be 6 for an se 600 but there is no number. Also the routing looks a little different. In addition, the pickups have no numbers and are not...
  15. Ph03n1x

    82 Greco Super Sound?

    I thought the greco super sound models stopped when super real came but I found an 82 SE600 with a super sound logo. Small headstock. Anyone know much about these?
  16. Ph03n1x

    Nearly revived Greco

    I picked up this 1980 EGC 800 last year. It had a neck crack and a horrible strip job on the violin burst top. The crack was fixed and I bought hipshot locking tuners since the originals were gone. I had this big plan to replicate the violin burst with dyes and nitro. I partially did the dye...
  17. Ph03n1x

    Parallell coil tapped in middle position?

    Was thinking that I don't use the middle position on my LP much. Was also considering if I had the neck and bridge coil tapped would I get noise cancellation and a more single coil like sound like positions 2/4 on a strat. I am guessing this would not work since it requires the reverse wound...
  18. Ph03n1x

    Why Don't Most High End MIJ Les Pauls Have Nibs?

    I am kind of confused by some of the MIJ companies that go to great lengths to advertise using old growth mahogany, hide glue etc, then they don't do the fret edge binding with nibs. I can understand on the lower end models but it doesn't make sense on a high end model that is trying to mimick...
  19. Ph03n1x

    Crews LP Special. Anyone try one of these?

    Crews LS02 SPL Specs seem good but I think they are 2 piece bodies and have no idea how thick the necks are. Someone with the top end Tokai LSS 230 said it was really good and has a single piece body. Would like to hear more about Crews specials if anyone has one or compared in the store.
  20. Ph03n1x

    Cases that hold 2 guitars?

    So I have 2 guitars without cases and travel relatively often. I was thinking it would be cool to have 1 case hold 2 guitars. The weight limits are usually around 22kg for checked bags and the majority of electrics would be well below that even with 2. Anyways, my search didn't come up with...

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