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  1. crosstownblues

    Freddy's SuperDuper Strat Build

    Actually, Warmoth does not even require a finish on roasted necks…
  2. crosstownblues

    NGD Krieger turned '54 BB

    Very nice R4! Love the serial number, too. My R9 is 9 1007.
  3. crosstownblues

    How do Throbak T-Tops compare to Gibson 490s

    This guitar has ‘74 or ‘75 T-tops from a Custom that were originally gold, but wore down to the nickel. It still sounds like a quiet Fender, but better! The pickups give clarity and sparkle, along with a slightly thicker tone, but never stray far from being a Fender-like sound.
  4. crosstownblues

    What's the Gold Top LP model....

    My R4 like looks just like that from the factory!
  5. crosstownblues

    Murphy Lab Shiddy Wood

    If you look closely, it’s not a mis-matched top. At the center seam, things line up pretty well. It’s just what happens when you carve away a quarter inch of material on either side. However, it is representative of a list of known bursts where the flame wasn’t up to par with their expensive...
  6. crosstownblues

    Poll: Would you buy a Mark Agnesi signature Les Paul Junior?

    You need one more option on the poll: Why?
  7. crosstownblues

    Could you pick your guitar out of a line-up?

    Easily! My 2011 R9 has one wide flame that slashes across the front. That, and some interesting grain! One of a kind.
  8. crosstownblues

    Would You Get This Touched Up? 1960 TV Yellow Special

    I am fortunate enough to live close by to Greg. It was already there to get it's clean bill of health. He suggested not to do anything too. Well now. You’re not going to get a more qualified opinion than his.
  9. crosstownblues

    What happened to Lovepedal?

    Looks like the lineup has expanded to include the Amp Eleven and others...
  10. crosstownblues

    NGD Warmoth Hybrid Strat with T-Tops

    Thanks! I worked hard for this and am relieved to be in complete metabolic remission at this time. It was a long six months, but even six months after my last infusion, I’m still not 100%. Fortunately, I realize it takes time for the body to recover from the beating it took. I’m happy for the...
  11. crosstownblues

    NGD Warmoth Hybrid Strat with T-Tops

    Started this past fall as a “I finished chemo” guitar, it’s finally assembled and playing! I went with a shell pink body and a maple boatneck profile (1”, like a Broadcaster) quartersawn neck, Callaham hardware and an unopened set of T-Tops from a ‘74 Les Paul Custom. The wiring, although...
  12. crosstownblues

    I did a thing, bought a 5F6a Kit

    Mainly, I had some birch on hand. Also, the plywood is more stable long term, less likely to shift or move over time. I’ve built speaker cabinets of pine because I like the warmer sound vs birch plywood, and it’s a bit lighter. The weight difference in a head shell is not so important.
  13. crosstownblues

    I did a thing, bought a 5F6a Kit

    No, it’s homemade. To be fair, I had access to a router, used 3/4” baltic birch, and have tolexed a few things before. It was made to fit on top of a 2x10 open back cabinet, or 1965a Marshall 4x10 (about 24”?), and was a fun project.
  14. crosstownblues

    I did a thing, bought a 5F6a Kit

    I built the same exact amp! I substituted Sozo blues for the orange drop caps. I love it!
  15. crosstownblues

    Bring Out Your Juniors! (and Specials too!)

    Here are my two! First year historic reissue Junior (98): 08 R0 Special:
  16. crosstownblues

    The official Wraptail appreciation Thread

    Thread the string through a ball end from a previous set. It provides just enough clearance.
  17. crosstownblues

    NWGD coming! New Warmoth Guitar Day: Hybrid Stratocaster

    Like everything, it’s not perfect. Besides, it has to be budget! But, it’s better than a Squier and has decent electronics. I’m going to string it up tomorrow to find out what needs to be done regarding setup, like nut slot depth, neck shim needed, intonation, relief, and string heights. You...
  18. crosstownblues

    Why not slant the speaker baffle to project upwards?

    Have been gigging for 40 years. Never ever liked to have my amp aimed at my ears. If not for me, there’s no reason to angle the cab up.
  19. crosstownblues

    NWGD coming! New Warmoth Guitar Day: Hybrid Stratocaster

    Since I elected to go with the Warmoth neck on this build, and I was unable to make use of the Fender wide range humbuckers, I figured I should do something budget with them. To that end, I went with a Guitar Fetish Telecaster Deluxe alder body (XGP) in seafoam green, with a white pickguard. I...
  20. crosstownblues

    Why not slant the speaker baffle to project upwards?

    Personally, I hate to have my cabinet pointing at my head. I find that all I can hear is myself and lose track of the band. I like to hear myself in the mix, not above it. I don’t know how people can do it.

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