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  1. straybeat

    NGD - 2014 Flying V

    Howdy all, long time no see. A bunch of us recently picked up "Machine Head" Flying V's for $99. This site had a deal for the first 100 people, so for $99 we all said WTF! And we got a free Thrash CD out of the deal.:applause...
  2. straybeat

    Stolen band trailer found, whose is it?

    Hey all, They recovered a stolen band trailer in Nashville and are trying to figure out whose it is? I remember seeing this picture like 6 or 8 months ago. Does anyone know the rightful owner(s)? Help Figure Out Which Band's Stolen Gear Was Just Posted On Craigslist - Rock Feed
  3. straybeat

    For all of us Lee Malia owners and lovers...

    Here's the entire Reading Festival 2015. Both guitarists are playing the Epi! It's an hour long;
  4. straybeat

    Zero fret opinions

    Howdy all, I just got my email from Stew-Mac and this is the deal for this week; What do you guys think of this? I never owned a zero fret guitar that I can think of, so I'm not familiar with the pros and cons of these? I have a new Epi Lee Malia on the way, should be here...
  5. straybeat

    How's a 15-string bass for you

    I ran across this monster that is just outrageous, but I'd love to try it once. It had a BIN of only 50,000 British Pounds so somebody has to jump on it! :naughty: :dude: OFFERS!!! THROW NUMBERS AT THIS - TENNESSEE 15 STRING EXTENDED RANGE BASS | eBay
  6. straybeat

    The Tele-Paul

    Hey guys, Have any of you heard of these guitars before? Ian A. Guitars in San Diego. What do you guys think? It's Les Paul construction in a Telecaster shape. I kind of like them myself. Ian A. Guitars
  7. straybeat

    How to connect your guitar to a PC

    Hey guys, I posted this elsewhere and forgot about here. DUH! Some dude on Google just posted an article for hooking your guitar to a PC for under $6. Those of you who know me know that I'm a geek into recording with software as opposed to setting up a room full of mics and a recorder (I'm...
  8. straybeat

    15% off Stratosphere bodies & parts

    Hey all, Just got a coupon for 15% off. I can't use it, so I thought I'd pass it along. The code is "BODY15FEB" at Guitar Parts, Bodies, Necks, Pickups, Fender, Gibson and more | The STRATosphere Hope someone can use it!
  9. straybeat

    NGD another Genesis!

    Howdy All, Got another Genesis that came today. Musician's Friend had a run on them for $199 so a bunch of us jumped on it. I pulled a surprise on everybody here though. My daughter turned 16 on the 7th, so it became a late birthday present for her. :D The thing came in flawless, no blems and...
  10. straybeat

    Steve (Pixxylixxx) finds a 1982 catalog

    Wow, remember those great Les Paul prices?
  11. straybeat

    Do you like girls who...

    ... say the word FVCK all the time? (I'm trying to prove something to someone about what guys think of it). EDIT: I guess I should clarify? I mean a girl talking like, "I went to the f**king store and this f**king a-hole kept trying to f**king hit on me, so I told him to just f**k off and...
  12. straybeat

    Some Jimi Hendrix, just because

    Bonamassa pointed to this "new" clip. Don't know if it's new or not, but I never saw it to my recollection? Long before Slash I remember trying to get this raw, harsh tone. I finally achieved it around '71 with a Cry Baby Fuzz Wah...
  13. straybeat

    Anybody want an LP body for a project

    Just got this in my email. It seems a tad expensive though? :wow: 2014 Gibson USA Les Paul Standard BODY & NECK Project Guitar Honeyburst AAA - The STRATosphere
  14. straybeat

    Hmmm, found something I might like to try

    For those who don't know me (about all of you LOL), I ended up a retired mechanical design engineer. There was something I wanted to do 20 years ago, but I couldn't find customers willing to pay the prices for what my work would have cost. Now that it's a "thing" I have been thinking for some...
  15. straybeat

    Another Carvin machining vid for bodies

    Since you guys liked the vid on fretboards I thought I'd throw some more up here. Everything is done on a CNC Mill for speed and repeatability. It's good to know that if you like your buddies guitar, then you're going to get one exactly like. The only differences would be color, inlays...
  16. straybeat

    How Carvin makes fretboards

    Howdy to my other machining brothers and sisters out there. Jeff, the owner of Carvin, just put up a new vid. It's pretty cool;
  17. straybeat

    I thought it was just me?

    "I don't know the model names of basses," he laughs, "I don't know about amps, I don't know about serial numbers. People say to me [adopts haughty voice]: 'I've got a *fantastic* L35.' I say, 'Oh... yeah?' It could be a motorbike for all I know. I'm just not like that, you know? With us it...
  18. straybeat

    Chappers Epi Les Paul Florentine review

    Hey All, As always I don't know if I'm late with this, but it showed up in my inbox this week, sooo... It's Chapper's and the Captain's review of the ELP Florentine and they liked it! (Of course they did, they want to sell them :laugh2:) They thought it was darker and richer sounding than a...
  19. straybeat

    A guy playing a fretless Epi Les Paul

    This is rather strange and definitely different. Hope it hasn't been covered already?
  20. straybeat

    Want a chance to bid on a Jimmy Page #2

    Hey all, Got this in my email this morning. Guitar Center is auctioning off 2 Jimmy Page #2's in immaculate condition and autographed by the man himself. Go to this site for the details; Jimmy Page Auction | Guitar Center Good luck!

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