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  1. dudu

    Belated NGD '57 Junior

    I bought this here from a chap in London who was super nice to deal with. It is a Dave Johnson refin, it has had a refret, everything else looks original. In all fairness, I am happy that one of the previous owners went ahead with the refret, it has made it super playable. The P90 on it is...
  2. dudu

    An innovative musical instrument

    Much easier to play than a traditional flute, as it only requires one finger. Also helps develop other skills. It seems just fit for playing Romanian folk music:
  3. dudu

    Jamming with Todd Kerns

    Well, not really. I just added the drum and bass lines. Poorly, at times. But hey, these are both first takes :thumb:
  4. dudu

    Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime Ref. 5175

    No, this is not a spambot post. There's a video of the build process of this watch. Completely worth your 10 minutes. Incredible craftsmanship. Seeing the world's most complicated watch get built is pretty incredible
  5. dudu

    WTB Celestion Vintage 30 8 ohm T4335

    It's all in the subject. I am after a Mesa Vintage 30 8ohm speaker. I live in the UK but I would be happy to pay for shipping from the US.
  6. dudu

    Yep, it's here

    Ladies and gentlemen, as useful as nipples on a man, here is the 7 string Les Paul: Les Paul Classic 7 String
  7. dudu

    NAD Suhr Badger 35

    I got this lovely toy yesterday, found a good deal on eBay UK. The guy was selling the amp and the 1x12 Suhr cab for less than what I'd paid for a Bogner Atma that I hadn't liked and had returned. I was in the market for a cathode biased EL84 amp for a while, so glad I found this one! It...
  8. dudu

    Russian dashboard cams - the gift that keeps on giving

    WTF?! / ??? ????? ??????????? on
  9. dudu

    I don't quite like Slash's new album

    It's been streaming since yesterday. I am a Slash fan, but this one leaves me cold. His playing and sound are top notch, but the songs don't do anything for me. All too symmetrical (4/4) and radio friendly. Sometimes the chord progressions feel weird, too. Safari Inn is a rehash of Demo #16 from...
  10. dudu

    Royal Blood

    I found out about these guys from a poster on the London tube (subway). I like them. Royal Blood - Little Monster - Later... with Jools Holland - BBC Two - YouTube Royal Blood - Figure It Out [Official Video] - YouTube Royal Blood Live Session @ Maida Vale December 2013 - YouTube...
  11. dudu

    Don't mess with Spongebob

    The mother of all Russian dash cam clips: Суровый Челябинский Дисней. - YouTube
  12. dudu

    FS UK/EU as new 2013 Fender Marcus Miller Jazz Bass V with John East J-Retro preamp

    I bought this 2013 MM5 new a couple of months ago. I found the stock Fender preamp lacking, so I upgraded to the John East Marcus J-Retro, which sounds massive. The stock preamp is included. I would normally not even consider selling this bass, but I got an offer to buy a Custom Shop 5 string...
  13. dudu

    ATTN RedSkwirrell, ATTN RedSkwirrell

    This should probably be in the afterhours section: Few scientists have ever seen the rare tufted ground squirrel (Rheithrosciurus macrotis), which hides in the hilly forests of Borneo, but it is an odd beast. It’s twice the size of most tree squirrels, and it reputedly has a taste for blood...
  14. dudu

    The ES Les Paul

    I like it, visually. Wondering how it sounds
  15. dudu

    Your balls are beautiful

    Forensic artist draws men's testicles as they see themselves and then again as others see them
  16. dudu

    Thought your town sucked? How about this?

    "Days of Night/Nights of Day" is about the daily life of the inhabitants of Norilsk. Norilsk is a mining city, with a population of more than 170,000. It is the northernmost city (100,000+ people) in the world. The average temperature is -10° C and reaches lows of -55° C in the winter. For two...
  17. dudu

    The dark side of Dubai

    I came across this article yesterday. It's pretty long and paints a depressing picture of the city, complementing the stories of my friends who live and work there. The dark side of Dubai - Johann Hari - Commentators - The Independent
  18. dudu

    Fooling around with my Q3HD

    Sorry guys, this isn't porn, although a certain amount of sucking does happen. The minimum amount of effort has been put into making this clip, essentially picking the best out of 3 takes for each instrument, mixing them roughly and syncing audio and video. Thanks for watching! Q3HD - YouTube
  19. dudu

    Recommend me a compensated wraparound bridge

    Hi folks, I love my Junior, but I'm not that fond of the default intonation. Anyway I set it, I can only seem to get half of the fretboard right. I'm looking at various wraptail bridges - Faber, Collings, TonePros, but before committing to a brand I'd like to pick your brains. I'm quite...
  20. dudu

    Der übergeek

    469 videos and counting... Drawing a sword from the back - Impractical, ineffective, dangerous - YouTube Half-swording - gripping a sharp blade with your hands? - YouTube Why the katana is not the "bestest sword evar" - YouTube

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