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  1. Mark C

    Lets see your #1 Les Paul

    Think I’ve had this one for over five years. From @buckwild
  2. Mark C

    WTB Gibson sg

    If a 2013 Standard in Heritage Cherry is of interest, shoot me a PM.
  3. Mark C

    Sold - 2013 Gibson Les Paul R7 Goldtop - $2750

    Had some nibbles. Don't be afraid, it is a nice one. I am trying to locate my scale to get an exact weight. Thanks.
  4. Mark C

    Sold - 2013 Gibson Les Paul R7 Goldtop - $2750

    The original Lifton case is in very good shape. The guitar is in excellent condition. Warranty card and COA booklet. Weight right around nine pounds. Neck is .910 at the first fret. $2750 - includes shipping and PayPal. PM me if you have any questions and no trades please.
  5. Mark C

    NGD: 2010 Gibson Les Paul R0 VOS Ebony

    I bought it here used without pickups. I had the Skatterbranes put in.
  6. Mark C

    NGD: 2010 Gibson Les Paul R0 VOS Ebony

    That one used to be mine. Glad you were able to grab it. It is a nice one. Congrats. Someone swapped the knobs.
  7. Mark C

    FS Reinhardt MI6 Prototype...the very first MI6

    Bob made great amps. Wish I could snag it.
  8. Mark C

    Let’s see your #2 Historic

    2013 R7. All stock.
  9. Mark C

    Let's see your #1!

    2013 R9 from @buckwild. WCR Goodwood/Darkburst pickups.
  10. Mark C

    Colorado Fires

    The word you are looking for is lose. It doesn't help when you have jackoffs intentionally starting them:
  11. Mark C

    Ok ...this is it... 2007 '68 Aged Pelham

    Not mine. Just showing you they exist.
  12. Mark C

    Why? This is insulting.

    They are playing songs from bands from the country they are in on the current European tour. They played Accept in Germany the other day. Those jerks.
  13. Mark C

    WTB: R0 in ebony

    Here maybe? I have had two and they both cost well under 3K used.
  14. Mark C

    CME '57 & '58 w/ '60 neck & knobs???

    They didn't list them wrong. It is a run they had made.
  15. Mark C

    Showed Up a Metalhead at Muso Store. Share Your Stories!!!

    He lasted about two hours this morning on TGP. He is making the rounds.
  16. Mark C

    Stay safe in Austin Texas

  17. Mark C

    Guitar Players in Legal Weed States

    I have no doubt a new house can cost $1,000,000 in Denver. However the point was made that it was the average cost of a home. Two very different things.
  18. Mark C

    Guitar Players in Legal Weed States

    That's not true. And if you want to see ridiculous, try looking at what has happened in the Bay Area. It is one of the reasons I am moving. The median home value in Denver is $398,500. Denver home values have gone up 7.2% over the past year and...

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