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  1. dazzypig

    Un-Made Tom Bartlett 1959 Kit For Sale

    Hi folks, It looks as though I’m okay to sell this in the classifieds so I thought I’d better make a proper thread for it. Here for sale is a Tom Bartlett 1959 replica kit I brought directly from Tom about eight years ago. I had hoped to get it built myself but have come to the conclusion that...
  2. dazzypig

    How best to sell a Bartlett replica kit?

    Hi folks, I hope everyone's keeping well. I posted a thread here a few years back as a feeler to see if there would be any interest in my Bartlett kit, but then I let the idea go and kept a hold of it instead. I've decided that I'd definitely like to sell it now, but I don't know how to. I...
  3. dazzypig

    CD and Headphone set-up advice appreciated

    I know there's lot of music lovers and audiophiles on this forum, so hopefully I can get some help. I'm looking at getting a modest CD based set-up to use with headphones as I'm sick of listening to mp3 as my only music source (it's great when I'm at work but sometimes I really just want to...
  4. dazzypig

    Any idea how much an un made Bartlett kit is worth?

    Hey all, Haven't been around here for (quite) a while. I'm toying with the idea of selling my Bartlett LP kit. Any idea how much it might be worth to someone? I know Tom doesn't make these any more, but I don't know if there's still folks out there who still want one? I guess this is a bit...
  5. dazzypig

    Why I don't like Rocksmith

    Am I the only one who thinks that games like Guitar Hero and Rocksmith have reduced the guitar to an accessory? I'd even go so far as to say that, in some vague way, I find them offensive or insulting. Is there anyone who has been playing for over 12 years or so who would disagree?
  6. dazzypig

    OMG! I just bought wood!

    Just made a mamussive materials order with Stewmac for my first serious guitar... Looking forward to posting something worthwhile to this part of the forum in the not-too-distant future :laugh2: Just had to vent! :thumb:
  7. dazzypig

    Any Engineers on MLP?

    Hello! I've reached a sort of impasse in my life and am taking the decision to do something positive with it instead of just plodding along as I have been. I have been a wannabe guitar player (and, much later, a guitar builder) for around 15 years or so and I think it's time for me to wake up...
  8. dazzypig

    Putting together a pedalboard, main power?

    I've decided to make a pedal board instead of carting around the pedals I use individually. Until I have made sure of the order and number of pedals I'll be using I'm going to copy the Eric Johnson school of pedalboard layout and just use a big piece of ply with pedals drawn on. Currently I...
  9. dazzypig

    Would it be blasphemy to mod my old RG550?

    I've been in a bit of quandary for a while now. I have an old Ibanez RG550 (one of the original Japanese ones). It's an interesting guitar as it has a scalloped neck (apparently done at the factory according to it's previous owner :cool:?). Anyhoo, I mostly play blues, so it doesn't get...
  10. dazzypig

    So, I'm selling my Custom, but what am I doing wrong?

    I'm selling my Les Paul Custom (£1,695.00 with a best offer option) on FleaBay and the best offer I've had so far is £1,500 (which I was careful to very politely decline. It's not even two years old yet? :shock: Am I asking too much? Is this really pushing it or something?
  11. dazzypig

    Maybe it's only in Britain, but are any other guys sick of hearing about...

    50 Shades of Grey? Jeez!
  12. dazzypig

    Thinking of buying an older Gretsch, any advice?

    My white LPC is a great guitar but it just doesn't get played as much as it should. I've got a replica kit in progress at the moment and I'm quite sure I won't need two LPs so I'm thinking of trading it in for an older Gretsch (I've had an acceptable if not incredible offer for the LPC as a...
  13. dazzypig

    Which cab for an AFD-100?

    ello, ello, ello I'm looking for a 4x12 for my :slash: head, preferably Marshall, definitely second hand, likely from Ebay, definitely 4x12 not 2x12 etc. I'm looking for the real sound of the amp, don't really want to force it into anything it isn't by over colouring it with vintage...
  14. dazzypig

    PRS's Truss Rod design

    I'm interested in PRS's Truss rods. The are dual action but only take up the same space as a vintage Fender or Gibson rod and they seem to require a flat bed in the neck rather than a curved one. Does anyone know how to go about producing a rod like this? I like the SM hotrod idea but am...
  15. dazzypig

    Al Di Meola Prism finish. Can it be done?

    I have been a big fan of the rainbow stained top on the PRS Al Di Meola guitar ever since it came out, I'd like to build something with a PRS flavour to it after my current two Fender types are completed and was wondering how difficult this stain would be to pull off. How would you tackle...
  16. dazzypig

    Bassman RI or Sound City 50 Plus?

    I'm wanting a new amp at the moment and my Birthday is coming up pretty soon and my folks have said that they will help out by putting some money towards something for me if I do a good chunk of it myself. :) I'm looking for something with a lot of headroom as I prefer to use pedals to get...
  17. dazzypig

    Auto Cad Users, any tips for a A-CAD noob?

    MY only experience of CAD is a lot of hours with the free and very user friendly sketch-up and a tiny bit of Turbo-CAD (I mean tiny, like an hour or so on a tutors machine). I can spend some time on Auto-CAD at the moment and as I've wanted to have a go with a 'pro' CAD program I thought it...
  18. dazzypig

    Anyone with Dimarzio SH2 experience?

    Howdy folks, Got a pretty cool project on at the moment, just bought the alder for a Strat body to go with the Warmoth neck I have. I've made decisions on all hardware now except the pickups. I love the sound of the Suhr FL (now ML) single coils but am unsure as to wether I should...
  19. dazzypig

    Anything different when dressing a compound radius?

    I know the process behind a normal fret levelling and dressing operation pretty much but does the process differ if you're doing it on a compound radius board? I only ask as it seems to me that if you put a straight edge on a CR board the material at one end will end up being ground to...
  20. dazzypig

    What's the best way to roll the edges of a neck?

    I'm thinking of starting a new project at the moment and I'm probably going to use a Warmoth neck again as the last 2 have been really good quality for the money. My only gripe with them is that the edges of the fingerboard could benefit from being rolled a little and I thought I might have a...

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