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  1. RaSTuS26

    Latest Threads Column

    Is it possible to have an option added to the "User CP" to turn off the new "Latest Threads" column that now shows up on the main page please, it's very annoying.
  2. RaSTuS26

    Schecter Custom Shop Factory Tour

    Got these links from a Premier Guitar email. I know a lot of guys here go for or are interested in Schecter, so for those guys, enjoy. Schecter Custom Shop Tour Part 1 - YouTube Schecter Custom Shop Tour Part 2 - YouTube Schecter Custom Shop Tour Part 3 - YouTube Schecter Custom Shop Tour...
  3. RaSTuS26

    Fender Traveler Acoustics

    I know many here have expressed interest in traveling guitars before, that's why I posted here rather than the Fender section. This just came in the latest PG email. Fender Releases Acoustic Guitars Fit for Travelers | Premier Guitar
  4. RaSTuS26

    Is this right, woods used on '58 V's ?

    I thought the woods used on '58 V's was korina, there are a few other things seem out of place on this one.
  5. RaSTuS26

    ANZAC Day.

    It's ANZAC (Australian & New Zealand Army Corps) day in our part of the world, it's the day we remember and celebrate our armed service men and women. I wish to take this time to thank them for their service, they are truly Kings among Men (and Women).
  6. RaSTuS26

    Guitars of the Moment

    This thread originally ran on the Epiphone Lounge, seeing as I'm spending more time here these days I thought I'd transfer it, I hope you like it. Link to Original Thread I've been asked by Mike (Supersonic101) to get some pics of my Airline 3P DLX re-issue by Eastwood up on show, I figured...
  7. RaSTuS26

    Bless the ANZACS

    Today, 25th April is ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) day in Oz, a similar kind of thing to Veterans day in the US. I tip my hat to any serving Defence Force members, both past and present, without you guys we would have a very different life over here, in WWII we were sooo close...
  8. RaSTuS26

    Calling all Benefactors - Fantastic Feel Good Opportunity Inside

    Looking for opportunity to earn some feel-good points, then look no further. My name is Rob and I'm hopelessly addicted to guitars and related gear, the problem is I'm a pensioner and not financially able to satisfy my lusts to any great degree, this upsets me greatly and leaves me feeling...
  9. RaSTuS26

    2007 Gibson LP Supreme Goldtop GOTW #22

    Gibby Goldtop bling at it's best, Guitar of the Week for week #22 , Ebony Fretboard, Gold Hardware, Grover Tuners, Weighs 9 lbs, an awesome guitar, fantastic overall condition, has the original hard case with a satin shroud. Only issues are light scratches on the back, none through the finish so...
  10. RaSTuS26

    ANZAC Day - Thanks Guys

    ANZAC day is tomorrow (25th April), for the unaware ANZAC stands for the "Australian and New Zealand Army Corps", it's equivalent to Veterans Day in the US. While I don't always agree with the reasons for war it's nice to know there are people willing to put their arse on the line for us...
  11. RaSTuS26

    On top Downunder

    G'day all, I've been a member at the Epi forums for just over 2yrs, I own 60 odd guitars and just love to mod the cheaper ones. even more so than playing the guitar, I've been learning to play (self taught) for 2 1/2yrs but haven't progressed much due to my constant tinkering. I know I have...

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