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  1. Mark C

    Sold - 2013 Gibson Les Paul R7 Goldtop - $2750

    The original Lifton case is in very good shape. The guitar is in excellent condition. Warranty card and COA booklet. Weight right around nine pounds. Neck is .910 at the first fret. $2750 - includes shipping and PayPal. PM me if you have any questions and no trades please.
  2. Mark C

    2011 Fender AVRI '62 Stratocaster Tropical Turquoise

    For sale $1100 shipped/PP/Best Offer - no trades please. Please see the photos for the dings and imperfections. I moved recently and have not found my scale yet so I do not know the exact weight. I was told it is 7lbs 10oz when I bought it. Send me a PM if you have any questions. Thanks, Mark...
  3. Mark C

    FS - 2005 White Gibson V & 2013 Ebony SG Standard

    I have my eye on a Les Paul and these need to go to help make it happen. The Classic White V is a 2005 I believe. Please correct me if I am wrong. The serial number is 00085452. It has some scratches on the back, but nothing too serious. Plays really nice. Only mod is straplocks on both guitars...
  4. Mark C

    FS - Mesa Recto-Verb 25 Combo & Marshall 6100 LM Head

    I want to keep this to a Bay Area/Northern California deal for now. Send me a PM if you have any questions. No trades. Thanks, Mark The Mesa is in excellent condition and includes the cover and footswitch. $900 The Marshall is also in great shape. The footswitch is included. It is beat...
  5. Mark C

    Kenny "The Snake" Stabler has Passed

    My favorite QB growing up. The glory days of the Raiders. Damn.
  6. Mark C

    2011 R7 Goldtop with Darkback & Slim Neck Profile

    2011 R7 Darkback. It has a slim neck however (like an R0). I have not seen very many of these. It is in excellent condition. Comes with case and paperwork. Weighs right around nine pounds even. Original knobs are back on it. No trades please. $2650 shipped/PayPalled OBO. PM me with any...
  7. Mark C

    Picked up a 2014 R7

    I really like this one so far. I was concerned the neck would be too big, but it is right around the size of my 2013 R9, if not a tad smaller. It has the WCR American Steel set in it, and came with the originals as well. I included a few shots with it next to my 2011 R7 Darkback so you could see...
  8. Mark C

    FS - 2014 AVRI '65 Fender Strat Burgundy Mist

    I bought this new a few months ago. It comes with everything it should and is in excellent condition. $1450/best offer shipped/paypalled. No trades and PM me with any questions. Thanks, Mark Specs: Burgundy Mist, Alder body, “Flash Coat” lacquer finish, Mid 60’s C shaped Maple...
  9. Mark C

    SOLD 2004 Ebony '68 RI Les Paul

    Sold I just picked up an R9 on here, so this need to go. It is a 2004 Custom Authentic '68 Reissue. It is right around ten pounds. It is well-played. I have tried to capture the scratches and dings. I can email or pm more pics if needed. The case shows someone played this over the years. I...
  10. Mark C

    NGD - 2013 R9 Lemonburst

    Picked up this one right before I left for Europe for nine days, so I am just getting a chance to really play it. What a great guitar. The transaction with Joe (buckwild) was super easy. I have wanted a Lemonburst for years and this definitely scratches the itch. The neck is perfect, as is the...
  11. Mark C

    '65 AVRI Strat - Just Picked One Up

    I have had five or six Strats over the years but always ended up getting rid of them. I hope this changes that. I really like the specs on the '65s. Now I want an Aztec Gold '59. :hmm:
  12. Mark C

    First NGD in a while ('68 RI content)

    I have wanted an Ebony '68 Reissue for years. I only have two guitars these days, but I am more than happy with these two. A 2004 '68 RI and a 2011 R7. The 2004 is well played, and I will take that as a good sign. Mark (MGL) and Tim Plains were helpful with my questions about the guitar along...
  13. Mark C

    Bay Area/Nor Cal - Diezel VH4 and Matching 4x12 Cab

    Diezel VH4 and matching 4x12 cab - not sure of the year so please see the serial number in the included photo Excellent condition & sounds amazing - only selling because I am buying a house and am going to go the combo route for a while No trades please $3500 or best offer If you have any...
  14. Mark C

    FS - 2006 White Gibson Explorer

    Overall the guitar is in very nice condition. Only a couple of dings (see pictures). The toggle switch had to be replaced because when I bought it the shipper didn't remove the tip and it broke off. The only other mod is straplocks are on it. It includes the original case. $875...
  15. Mark C

    NGD - R7 Goldtop/Darkback with a Twist...

    Picked this up from a member of some other forums. It is a 2011 R7 with a slim neck profile. In excellent condition with a fantastic setup. Pretty much my dream Goldtop. Crappy indoor photos to follow...
  16. Mark C

    FS - 1987 Alpine White Les Paul Custom

    I am only selling this because my dream R7 has become available. I have had this LP for three months. I believe it is an '87 (serial #81417506), but feel free to correct me if I am wrong. It has the blue lined chainsaw case. The guitar has a few dings, a little discoloration, a scratch on the...
  17. Mark C

    FS - Gibson SG Classic Custom (GOTW38) & Explorer Pro

    Both prices include shipping and Paypal and are both best offer. No trades please as I need to free up some cash for bills and to eventually quench my R7 thirst. The SG Classic Custom is in excellent condition. Original truss rod cover is in the case. Some light scratches on the back. The top...
  18. Mark C

    Just Scored an Alpine White LPC

    I wasn't sure whether to post this here or the Norlin section because it's an '87. Very clean for being 25 years old. Blue lined chainsaw case and over ten pounds of '80s goodness. I love the neck profile on the '80s Customs. Sounds OK too. :o By itself and with a couple of friends...
  19. Mark C

    FS - 2011 Gibson Les Paul R9 Iced Tea

    I just scored my dream PRS and need to get the finances in line a bit. I am going to get an Ebony or Goldtop Historic with the sale of this Les Paul and still have some cash. I got this one from Mark's Guitar Loft. It is an early 2011 in excellent condition. It has only been played in my house...
  20. Mark C

    NGD: Iced Tea R9

    I have not posted here much nor for quite some time. This one made me get back over here. Just got this one today. I have owned a G0, R0 Plaintop, and R7 Goldtop, but I have wanted a flame top R9 or R0 forever. Very comfortable neck with smaller shoulders. It is a 2011 weighing in at eight...

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