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  1. dsquared

    Adam Jones sigs stolen during shipment

    Thieves stole a shipping pallet containing 10+ AJ sigs, signed and unsigned, during shipping to a major US dealer. One was destined for me and there’s little optimism of recovery. These guitars seem to have been specifically targeted. Gibson is going to make a statement. It’s a first world...
  2. dsquared

    R.I.P Peter Green.

    Peter Green died ‘peacefully in his sleep’ this weekend. RIP to a legend.
  3. dsquared

    CC #16 pickup suggestions

    Hey guys, i have a Redeye incoming and i am looking for suggestions on the pickups. For the CC owners and especially #16 owners, is it it an eventuality that im going to swap out the burstbucker 3/custombucker combo? my lurking tells me most are swapping even if they get on ok with stock. Any...
  4. dsquared

    FS/FT: Marshall YJM100

    Looking to trade my mint YJM100 for a Splawn Quick Rod w/EL34s and the B+ option. Includes the footswitch. For a straight sale, price is $2100 + shipping.

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