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  1. The General

    NGD!! Hamer Monaco Korina P90

    Well, sorta new. I've had for about a month and just haven't bothered posting but need to get off my ass. Picked up a used 2018 Hamer Korina with P90s for a great deal! I've developed an unhealthy love for P90 guitars and came across this by chance. Specs: Korina body and neck Ebony...
  2. The General

    Phil X and VH Unchained

    saw this on my phone news feed this morning and thought it was pretty interesting. Phil X seems like he would be cool to hang with for a day. He has a cool name, too. This song has one of my favorite VH tones. couple of notes Wonder if Eddie himself could match the tone exactly? How fun...
  3. The General

    1988-89 MIJ Fender Strat w/ Gibson HSC - $650

    MIJ Fender Strat in good condition. Candy Apple red. Serial number search puts the build date at 1988-89. Maple neck and fretboard. Overall in good condition, player grade guitar. Small ding in headstock, 2 paint chips on the bottom shown in pics. Some minor buckle rash on the back and a...
  4. The General

    NGD - Godin LG P90 (don't laugh)

    So, a bit of a backstory. I've recently "discovered" Social Distortion and Mike Ness. I'm not young, and how I missed this for the last 20+ years I don't know. I am now infatuated with his tone and P90s, which lead to gear lust for a P90 guitar. I've never had one. I was peddling an amp I...
  5. The General

    Orange Tiny Terror - 15w - $300

    Orange Tiny Terror, 15 watt tube head. Great sounding amp known for their crunch/dirty tone, one of the best you will find in this category. Switches from 15 watt to 7 watt. Capable of driving 2 - 8 ohm cabs or one 16 ohm cab. Very good condition. Comes with Orange amp bag. This is one of my...
  6. The General

    Joker Trailer

    Anyone seen this yet? Seems pretty sweet. Phoenix is an absolute nut anyway, fits this role well.
  7. The General

    The Dirt - Friday on Netflix

    The Motley Crue movie based on the Dirt is coming out Friday on Netflix. Anyone going to be watching? I must admit, this was probably my favorite band as a teenager. Even to this day something about them gets to me. Short songs, not deep subject matter, decent but not great musicians (well...
  8. The General

    Vox Nightrain NT15 - 15 watt head

    Vox Night Train 15w tube amp. This is an all-tube lunchbox style amp with great tone. It has the Vox chime you would expect on the clean settings and has a pretty good crunch tone. This is the first generation of the amp, so it doesn't have on-board reverb. It does take pedals very well, so it's...
  9. The General

    Would you: rich/old or young/smart

    Sometimes these "would you rather" scenarios can be kinda fun, and I heard one on the radio this morning that I thought was really good. Here ya go: Right now, today, would you rather be a 55 year old billionaire or a 10 year old knowing everything you know today? Personally, I had to think...
  10. The General

    Huge wave surfing

    Ignoring the SJW message of the article, this is one brave person (much less female). Those waves are freakin' huuuuggggee. I was amazed at how many surfers there were in the area. Whole lotta crazy bastids in one place, elevator not going all the way up for those folk. Bianca Valenti...
  11. The General

    Bert and Ernie more than just buddies....???

    Well, that's todays gut kick. My whole childhood crashing down around me. Not that I have anything against LGBTQRDTSWDBP, as I really don't care about other's preferences, but Bert and Ernie? How could I not have seen this???? Next thing, someone will tell me Cookie Monster is a metaphor for...
  12. The General

    This Bride Canceled Her Wedding After Guests Refused to Pay Her $1,500 Attendance Fee

    oops, saw it was already posted. Please delete, my bad.
  13. The General

    FINALLY!!! FINALLY!!! Cop pulls over left lane hog.

    I wish I could read a story like this every day. I drive over 100 miles a day round trip for work, and spend lots of time on the road. This is absolutely a pet peeve, and these folks can be dangerous too. I hope this person got a ticket and the electric chair!!! :D Just kidding on the chair...
  14. The General

    Dumpster Fire of the Day, Volume I Wow, 3 kids with 3 dads in less than 5 years. Could be a record setting pace. And judging by his quotes in the article, the newest Daddy will be a shining...
  15. The General

    NTND - New Tele Neck Day

    Wednesday I received my new, custom built neck for my tele. It's a superb work of hand-built craftsmanship by none other than our own @LtDave32. I love it!! I have always liked the sound of my tele, but have never really bonded with the neck. I generally like wide, thin, flat necks. The...
  16. The General

    SHNGD - R8 MTM Dirty Lemon

    SUPER Happy NGD!!!!! This is my first Gibson and I'm giddy. I've had a few Epi LP's but nothing compares to this baby. Of course I am biased but this is the best looking, best playing, best sounding guitar ever!!! I wasn't looking for a new git this year and had just committed myself to...
  17. The General

    Winter or Summer Olympics

    with the winter olympics starting in just days, the question is which version do you prefer? The summer has a lot more events, but the winter events have always seemed more interesting to me, if for no other reason than they are generally weird sports. I really like watching the short track...
  18. The General

    I hate actors!

    Friday, crappy week, time to rant about some random red-ass topic. I hate actors, especially these stupid a$$ award shows that are all over the news now. If one more article about the Oscars pops up on my tablet, it's going out the window. Now, I love movies and appreciate what actors...
  19. The General

    2018 Supercross Thread

    I know there are a few fans on MLP, so let's see if this can go anywhere. 2018 is now 2 races old, and it's shaping up to be an interesting year. My first complaint for the year - I HATE the new 450 heats/LCQ format. I liked the semi's for the 450s, as you were guaranteed to see some of the...
  20. The General

    Happy Birthday Freebyrd69

    Happy borned-on-day. No cake but might hoist one in your honor tonight though. :beer:

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