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  1. mafmmx

    Gibson BurstBuckers Set & CustomBuckers Set

    Everything shown here i had professionally pulled because i swapped to BKP on both my LPCs. Figure i would post them here before i hit Reverb. These pickups were pulled from a brand new 2019 Gibson Custom Shop 57 Goldtop RI that I purchased brand new from CME Sorry i do not have any readings...
  2. mafmmx

    Locking Tuners that require very little modification for 57 Custom Shop

    I am in the market for a set of locking tuners for my 2011 57 Custom. I prefer a high gear ratio. A few that i have seen are 15:1 and dont really require much modifying to the guitar but i prefer a higher 18-19-20:1 ratio locking tuner? I dont mind having to mod my LP but i am doing this...
  3. mafmmx

    Best place Online to buy a "GOOD" Gibson Custom Shop?

    Hello All! I am in the market for "The One" i sold off a few of my guitars and want to buy myself that one, Awesome, Magically Gibson LPC I am interested in either a '59 CS, Slash First Standard, A Gold Top or a 57 Custom The problem? i live in the Chicago Suburbs and we dont have to many...
  4. mafmmx

    New 2018 Historic Goldtop, Finish crack or Neck crack? Should i return?

    I treated myself today to a brand new 2018 Custom 57 Historic Gold Top LP, With serial number 001!! How awesome is that? ( so i thought ) I noticed this when i got home tonight and was playing it.... its a small tiny hairline crack or line, You can feel it with your nail. Its not wide enough...
  5. mafmmx

    Does this 93 LP Custom look legit?

    So I bought this 1993 Gibson LP Custom off Reverb last week.. Got it at a good price because the previous owner stripped the finish off the back of the neck. I have no reason to believe its a fake, The seller had over 1,000 rating, My shop I go to, Said it was all good, Even the neck was...
  6. mafmmx

    Buying a used LP, Should I be worried about these cracks?

    Found a used LP on Reverb from a well known used music chain, I was informed that it has finish cracks going down the neck right under the binding. They assure me the wood is not cracked and its only the finish. The said it hard to capture on camera. I honestly don't know much about finish...
  7. mafmmx

    Looking to replace my tuners on LPT - Which ones are direct fit?

    Hello all, New owner of a 2016 Gibson Les Paul Tradtional and my LP is using the Grover Green Key/Gibson deluxe bolt on tuners ( are these the same? ) I am looking to swap them out with something chrome and locking. I want something that will not require any drilling or boring of the hole...
  8. mafmmx

    Neck pickup in my new ( used ) LP with 57's is just WAY to bassy, What can i do?

    Well i did a trade with a fellow member of the board ( and local ) this weekend for a LP 08 LP Trad. Pro that has had some upgrades/mods... -New CTS pots (vol and tone) -2 PIO Russian capacitors. -50's wiring -57 classic & 57 classic plus ( i dont know what ANY of this means as my...

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