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  1. Freddy G

    1960 Strat Brought Back to Life!

  2. Freddy G

    Alex Lifeson Talks About Rory Gallagher

    Nice interview...
  3. Freddy G

    St. Louis Blues!

    The St. Louis blues finally won the Stanley cup! My late younger brother was a huge St. Louis fan. I thought of him when they raised the cup. It was almost 30 years ago that I built a strat for him. He chose the decals for the headstock.
  4. Freddy G

    Let's Be Civil

    Hey guys, It's Friday. Much as we love a good meltdown, let's keep it cool for Dave's sake while he takes care of his sister.
  5. Freddy G

    Men At Work

    Post a pic of yourself at work! Here's the theatre doing sound design for a new show. I'm sitting in the house, row L. I've got a program on the laptop called QLab....this is a "GO" based system. Everything that happens is programmed sequentially and you just hit a GO button to...
  6. Freddy G


    Just learned about a friend of mine. I've known him for 30 years. Big strong guy....he's a dry-dock worker. Good paying job....good wife and kid, ideal happy family. He injured his back a couple of years ago and was prescribed drugs. That was the downhill slide. Since then he has been addicted...
  7. Freddy G

    Amp Gurus! Circuit mod advice please :)

    Heyo! Got a little amp I dig. Great bluesy balls, but it doesn't really sing until you crank it and slam the output tubes. I'm looking for more of a Marshall type of gain/response if I can get least closer to that ballpark. Here's the schematic: So I tried a few mods today (in red)...
  8. Freddy G

    All Right Now- Free

    Always disliked that tune. Well, not really the song itself....but the guitar always ruined it for me. Jesus some of those chords sound like a bagpipe winding down. I know there's a lot of Kossoff fans here so I'm sure I'm risking death by flames but I don't get the guy. Yeah OK....he had a...
  9. Freddy G

    Wading into the World of Distortion Pedals!

    I've only ever owned one distortion pedal. An MXR Distortion + when I was a kid. When I got my first Marshall, I got rid of it. It sounded cheesy compared to the Marshall's natural distortion. But now I'd like to explore a pedal that has some hard crunch. I have an Analogman KOT...and it's...
  10. Freddy G

    I Like the Rockers......Am I Weird?

  11. Freddy G

    Quick!! Anyone know how to cancel MAC initiallizing something?

    I don't know what it's doing, but I restarted the computer and now it's initiallizing with 18 minutes to go. I can t get out of it and I need it now! HELP!
  12. Freddy G

    Just had a crazy fun jam!

    Jamed with 3 guys tonight. We got together and jammed 5 songs that we all agreed to know. Simple straightforward rock tunes. The kind of songs that you would think it would take 3 minutes to learn. But holy shit.....that was all completely irrelevant. These guys were good players...great...
  13. Freddy G

    What Happened to the Letter T?

    So weird! Does anyone else notice some people (a lot of people!) do not articulate the letter "T" when it's in the middle of a word? I first heard this trend in hip-hop raps years ago but now it's everywhere! example words: "important" is pronounced "impor-ant" or "button" is pronounced...
  14. Freddy G

    The New "Like" Emojis

    Fantastic! Now we can instantly flip someone off with an "angry" like! haha I just used one on a stupid comment. Oh boy....I can see where this might go....twisted panties!
  15. Freddy G

    Chefs! Knife advice please

    Looking for a good Santoku knife. Recommendations?
  16. Freddy G

    SRV spanking an acoustic guitar

    Just incredible.
  17. Freddy G

    Godin Neck Joint....Arrrrgh!

    I just tried to remove a Godin acoustic neck. There's two bolts in the neck block but the fretboard is glued to the soundboard. No prob....done this lots of times. So I removed the neckbolts, heated the fretboard extension and slipped a palette knife under it until I was all the way to the neck...
  18. Freddy G

    Any Vintage Martin Experts?

    Hey all! I have a 1920 Martin 0-12 on my bench. It's in very good shape. Anyone know the approximate market value of one of these? Thanks!
  19. Freddy G

    Sources for Cream Binding?

    Hey all....I can't seem to find a source for thick cream binding.... looking for .080" or .090" thick cream plastic for body binding. I don't like the colour of the stew mac stuff...I want cream. Thanks in advance!
  20. Freddy G

    Moog Taurus Pedals

    Tracked some Moog Taurus pedals today. I had this guitar solo section in a tune I'm working on. My keyboard player Larry added some choir samples under the guitar solo and then it was obvious...MUST have Taurus pedals as well! Ahhhh....the power and the glory! Can't you just see the clouds...