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  1. mrdannyboy

    FS - Quads/Pairs Amperex Heerlen Holland 12AX7/ECC83

    Have a few tubes left in pairs or possiblly quads. All tubes are 1965. I65 Construction, came from two matched octets. Philips/Amperex Heerlen Holland tubes have code Tubes all test 80 to mid 80's where new is 90 as well no shorts, gas or grid leakage. Philips Amperex, Heerlen...
  2. mrdannyboy

    NIB/NOS 12AT7/ECC81 Mullard, Siemens, RCA & 1 Miniwatt E88CC/6922 Gold Pin

    All tubes will be packaged extremely well, insured, tracked and payment will be Paypal so we are both protected, unless we come to a mutual agreement. Shipping anywhere in North America is $15.00 usd These tubes are excellent in your phase inverter or in V1 to help tame possible harshness. Up...
  3. mrdannyboy

    59 Les Paul black beauty going up for auction

    59 Les Paul black beauty going up for auction You guys would know a lot more about this than me Just thought I’d post it. 1959 Black Beauty
  4. mrdannyboy

    WTB. Looking fopr a pair of Gibson Quick Connect Pickups.

    WTB. Looking fopr a pair of Gibson Quick Connect pickups. ,Burstbucker Pros, 490r 498T, 57 Classisc whatever, . The first two are preferred. If anyone has a set that they had taken out of their guitar and would sell to me that would be great. Thanks
  5. mrdannyboy

    Epiphone Ground Wire Question. Could use some advide.

    I want to put the pickups from my studio to my Epi while im waiting to get to Freddy G to get a cracked neck fixed. The only thing that is preventing me is a soldering iron. I could buy one yes, but I want to put the quick connect board frm the studio in there and swap picpup The pcb boards...
  6. mrdannyboy

    Ultra Rare Quad of Valvo, First 6BQ5/EL84 Type Made, Quad Hitachi 6BQ5/EL84 Both Matched

    As usual, Money back if you are not satisfied 100%. You can confirm these were the first type el84 ever made here - Click me Here for sale is the first type EL84/6BQ5 ever Made. They are 1955 Valvo with a solid Eliptical Getter. Tubes matched, all four at 85, with 90 being the normal new...
  7. mrdannyboy

    NGD - Chinese Epiphone, results are in. Very Surprised

    Two nights ago I was surfing my local classifieds and I see a new listing for a 2008 Epi Les Paul standard. It was listed for 100 bucks the listing was 32 minutes old and it had (sold) around it. I tried to get in touch with the guy told him I’d give him $150 but he never responded. So today I...
  8. mrdannyboy

    Gone for now

  9. mrdannyboy


    Tube gone
  10. mrdannyboy

    Vintage Tung-Sol 6550 Tests New, Very Clean

    Up for grabs is a Vintage Tung-Sol 6550(GE Relabeled) Tests New, Very Clean. The flashing is in excellent condition and it looks like it’s new, but I believe it’s been slightly used. Test results 100, off my scale. Typical new power tube is 90. 100 US obo Shipped insured. Return with no...
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  12. mrdannyboy

    New Pedal Day(to me) isp G String Decimator Noise Reducer

    Have to say this is the most excited I’ve been excited about a pedal in a long time. I recently bought a mark five 25. I also have a Peavey classic 30 with extension cab And an AMPEG 50 W head All three of these amps have severe hiss, white noise dirty power issues in my place. I’ve read a...
  13. mrdannyboy

    NAD - Mesa Boogie - Mark V 25 Watt.

    So pumped I picked up this. Awesome amp, I'm just starting read through the manual. Mesa is pretty damn tricky with some of their knobs acting as 2 things, like one setting the mid control's first half i the mids and 12:00 to full is extra gain. Lots of stuff like that. First tube amp with a...
  14. mrdannyboy

    Huge Shout-out to Freddy G, Freddy's Frets(Scratch Bone nut job)

    Back several months ago I bought a Les Paul Traditional. Just like my 2009 Les Paul Standard, the nut bothered me. The high E string on both guitars that I spent a lot of money on(even with both being great deals) just didn't make the cut. It was always slipping off the edge at the nib, not from...
  15. mrdannyboy

    NAD. Mesa Boogie TA-15

    2 EL84 & 4 12AX7A I’ll just pick this puppy up tonight I was a little little skeptical playing through his Rig and guitar but when I got home sure enough after changing the tubes and finding just the right combination then through my cabinet it’s sounding pretty damn sweet this thing is so...
  16. mrdannyboy

    Help with speaker placement

    Hello everybody this may be a silly question but I can’t seem to find much information about it I have a PV Classix 30 that has the external cab with 1X12 cabinet. I bought a Celestion Gold speaker from a member here 50 W. And I most recently swapped the speaker in the external cabinet for...
  17. mrdannyboy

    Are your strings starting to ping? Tuning stability issues?

    I see people are always asking about this why does this string ping and how can I help it without replacing the nut for filing the nuts lots this is what helps me the most I don’t know if this is the right spot for this to go if it’s not, please move it . I was just going to share what I do...
  18. mrdannyboy

    need Some help on this one please. 1960 Reissue/CLassic

    Serial is not coming up on the dater and I don't now enough. I thought this thould be stampped and say made in the USA. I yhink its legit just wanted to be 100%
  19. mrdannyboy

    Can you believe this ? High school bans luxury coats To prevent poverty shaming.

    I don’t normally post here but after reading this I was just so appalled I wanted to get some opinions. I don’t know if this is been posted or not I’ve read two different articles one that said the bus company banned luxury coats and then I read another one said the school did it. Is it...
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