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  1. coreydm676

    NGD 2020 Les Paul Special Tribute P90 - Worn White

    Sorry, the fretboard is rosewood the neck it's self which would normally be mahogany is maple. The 2012 ones would likely have a baked maple board. I kinda like the fact the neck is maple because sometimes I play punk bar gigs (in the pre covid times at least) and I've seen a couple Gibson's...
  2. coreydm676

    *** 1954 LP Goldtop Restoration ***

    That's a 54. Serial dates it to 54, logo placement, bridge placment, neck angle and top carve are all spot on from what I can see. If someone could make that good of a fake, I don't think they would be making 54s. Amazing work by the way.
  3. coreydm676

    New '50's Les Paul standards, 1 or 2 piece back

    Some Pictures of the 1 piece back on my 2020 Standard 60s. Sorry for the quality, I'd replace this phone but I bought this guitar instead!
  4. coreydm676

    New '50's Les Paul standards, 1 or 2 piece back

    My 60's seems to have a one piece back. no seam that I can find at all looking at the back or the sides.
  5. coreydm676

    New Gibson Les Paul Traditional with separated neck.

    That's rosewood. It was glued there and the rosewood failed, not the glue.
  6. coreydm676

    Looking for some Double Cream pickups, Dimarzio be damned!

    Which set did you go for?
  7. coreydm676

    Looking for some Double Cream pickups, Dimarzio be damned!

    Went with the Snakebite in the neck and the bridge was a custom job to fit the specs I outlined above. Went with the session series with 4 conductor should I ever wish to coil tap these and I requested they be potted. And yes It was quick, I was going to hold off for a bit but he is having a...
  8. coreydm676

    Looking for some Double Cream pickups, Dimarzio be damned!

    Thanks for the recommendation. Sigil hooked me up!
  9. coreydm676

    ~ Sigil Pickups - 27.5% SALE ON NOW!

    They did. I usually find Canada Post pretty quick provided it's not anytime near the holidays. Snapped a picture earlier, pardon my crappy phone:
  10. coreydm676

    60's Standard 61 pickups?

    The 61R and 61T have braided wire not 4 conductor, well, at least mine do!
  11. coreydm676

    ~ Sigil Pickups - 27.5% SALE ON NOW!

    Just got my custom set installed. Wow am I ever impressed, exactly what I was hoping for.
  12. coreydm676

    60's Standard 61 pickups?

    I've A.B. Tested the 61R and 61T in my 60s Standard against my 2000 classic with Seymour Duncan Antiquities and compared recordings. The 61R and 61T seemed a little brighter but over all they sounded almost identical. They are a PAF style pickup and I wouldn't be surprised if they are just...
  13. coreydm676

    Looking for some Double Cream pickups, Dimarzio be damned!

    Looking for some great double cream pickups but I am not a big Dimarzio fan. Does anyone know of any company or individual offering pickups around these parameters? 1. Around $250 USD for the pair max. 2. Hot ceramic bridge pickup, in the range of a SD SH-6. 3. Chimy, low-mud neck pickup...
  14. coreydm676

    Here is my story ... not liking the new Gibson

    I find demoing guitars tough in general. Action is always too high and I play 10-52 strings on my Gibsons and standard 10s on my Fenders so no guitar in the store ever feels like it really should though I can usually get a good enough feel to know if it's going to work for me. With my 2020s once...
  15. coreydm676

    What is your "Beater Guitar"

    My white Les Paul Special Tribute or my White Deluxe Strat. The tribute I just got last year and it has that maple neck so I'm not too concerned beating it up plus it has that thin nitro so I am looking forward to it starting to wear. My Strat is heavily modified by myself as an HSS with a JB in...
  16. coreydm676

    2005 Les Paul

    I have a 2000 Classic w/ 60s neck and a 2020 Standard 60s neck; both very similar if not the same.
  17. coreydm676

    Jazzmaster pickup suddenly thin. Resistance reading infinity.

    I installed the pickup, was working well, sounded great! One day I noticed it sounded thin so I measured the resistance while still in the guitar and it read open circuit so I removed it, inspected it and measured it outside the guitars circuit; still open line. The pickup "works" but sounds...
  18. coreydm676

    In praise of The New Originals!

    For sure! I myself like flame but not the super heavy consistent flame. I was able to find and Iced Tea with a finish I liked along with some super interesting grain and mineral streaks, love it.
  19. coreydm676

    In praise of The New Originals!

    One of the things I find amazing about the new original bursts is the diversity in finishes. Unburst for example can come across closer to a honey burst or lemon burst or even close to a faded Iced Tea bordering on natural. I looked at 5 or 6 Iced Tea bursts before I found one I liked. Makes...

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