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  1. Mega Tron

    Heritage H-150 prices

    Currently, I've noticed that the new Heritage H-150s are the same price as Gibson Les Paul Standards (50s and 60s). Perhaps it's all the good press and reviews they've been getting lately, but, on the used market, I'm seeing H-150s that are pretty close to list price, whereas the Gibsons are far...
  2. Mega Tron

    String swing damaged my Les Paul after hanging for one night

    I installed a new string swing guitar keeper which I just got from sweetwater. Hung my 2015 desert burst LP and it looked gorgeous and felt sturdy. Left it up overnight and in the morning I took it down only to find small indentations in the black finish at the points where the cradle was...
  3. Mega Tron

    Where have all the flamey LP Standards gone?

    Wasn't sure if there was already a thread dedicated to this, so just ranting here. Was checking out pics of the new 2019 LPs, and I noticed that LP tops are not nearly as flamey as they were in previous years. Some examples from the last 5 years appear to as flamey and 3D as PRS 10-tops. Then...
  4. Mega Tron

    Martin Guitars Are Really Nice

    Recently took a tour of the Martin factory in Nazareth. Great experience that I highly recommend! Got to see how they manufacture absolutely gorgeous acoustics, and now I can definitely understand why these guitars command such a high price. Martin spares no expense when it comes to accuracy and...
  5. Mega Tron

    Gibson G-45 acoustics released. Good first acoustic guitar?

    I'm thinking of getting my first acoustic. The new Gibson G-45 studio looks pretty compelling. Thoughts? What other guitars should I consider in this price/quality range?
  6. Mega Tron

    Neck thickness and tone

    Watched a pretty cool video from Warmoth yesterday demonstrating a very different sound based solely on neck profile. They controlled for many factors, using the same guitar body and even cutting both necks from the same wood blank. I've definitely noticed my LP having a much fuller and...
  7. Mega Tron

    Robotuners are actually pretty sweet

    Just felt like sharing.... This past weekend I visited a local GC to check out this pretty stunning 2015 LP Classic. Employee handed it to me, but someone was playing behind me pretty loudly and I couldn't hear the strings well. I didn't have a tuner handy and didn't want to bother anyone. Lo...
  8. Mega Tron

    Gibson website specs over the years

    I noticed that Gibson website specifications have become increasingly sparse over the years. I feel that for the price of these instruments, I'd love to know all the dimensions etc. Especially when I'm looking at older used gear online that I can't try in a store. 2019...
  9. Mega Tron

    Reason not to jump for a 2018 LP Trad?

    GC's got a decent sale of 2018 LPs. Any specific reason to stay away from the 2018 Trad?
  10. Mega Tron

    2015 Les Paul Less Plus - thoughts 4 years later?

    Hello! I recently purchased a 2015 LP less plus. Due to lack of demand for these thin models, prices can be low for used ones in great condition. My quick take: I find the fretboard to be very comfortable. Nut/neck width is perfect for me coming from an Ibanez Wizard (neck thickness is a...

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