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  1. Electric Funeral

    WTB: Jackson SLSMG or MIJ Jackson/Charvel

    Hey MLPers, I've been bitten by the shredder bug again and am looking for a nice hardtail super-strat. I've got my sight set on a Jackson SLSMG in particular but am open to other MIJ goodness as well. Let me know what you've got!
  2. Electric Funeral

    FS: 1990 Les Paul Classic $850

    ...I've kept this one secret for good reason. THIS was my first les paul... my folks bought it for me brand spankin new and gave it to me on my 13th birthday. a dream come true.... I was so excited I took it to school that day, and just carried it around strumming all day through every...
  3. Electric Funeral

    FS/FT: WGS Retro 30's and Veteran 30's 8ohm

    I've got a couple pairs of WGS speakers up for grabs, two Retro 30's and two Veteran 30's both in 8ohms. Compared to Celestion Vintage 30's, either of these options are a significant upgrade - the Vet's much smoother, and the Retro's are more articulate. Neither have that annoying, nasal-y...
  4. Electric Funeral

    NGD: Kramer 84 (Musicyo NOS)

    Although nearly outbid in the last 10 seconds, last night I scored another treasure on the 'bay :thumb: Original Run Kramer "1984" Reissue I wanted one of these SO bad as a teenager, back when MusicYo sold them online. By the time I could afford one, they stopped making them and MusicYo went...
  5. Electric Funeral

    NGD: Vintage Epiphone Genesis Deluxe

    The missus scored this one on the bay as an early birthday present for yours truly. We got it for a great deal due to the unoriginal pickups + surrounds, and some potential wiring issues. It should arrive tomorrow morning :thumb:
  6. Electric Funeral

    WTB: Gibson 490R

    Looking for a pair of 490R's, want to try the short A5 magswap mod. Anybody got one or two kicking around in a parts drawer? :fingersx:
  7. Electric Funeral

    Replacement ABR-1 for 80's Burny RR?

    As a few of you may know I recently re-acquired my old 80's Burny: Burny LC-70RR It's great to have it back, I'm reconnecting with it in a big way. The one thing I'm not loving is the amount of play in the saddles of the stock ABR-1 - they can actually wiggle back and forth while the...
  8. Electric Funeral

    NAD: Orange Tiny Terror Combo

    Just picked this up this morning used for a pretty decent price, really liking it so far: Still had all stock chinese tubes when I got it, immediately took it apart and tried a few of my spare 12AX7's in various combinations and ended up with a Mullard reissue in V1 and a Sovtek in V2. I...
  9. Electric Funeral

    Anybody tried Fano guitars?

    I've been seeing Fano guitars more often lately, when I first saw them I thought most of them looked pretty cool but were way pricey. Checked out their site a few days ago and saw this: Alt de Facto ML6 | Fano Guitars Gotta say it pushes my buttons in a whole bunch of ways...part Tele, Part...
  10. Electric Funeral

    Historic Tuner Post Size?

    Wanting to retrofit some "3-on-a-strip" Kluson style tuners onto my SG which had Grovers originally. I know I need an set of adapter bushings, but just wondering if the post size on the current Historic tuners is 1/4" or 6.14mm. * WD Music Products - KLUSON® ADAPTER BUSHINGS (SET 6) 6MM ID...
  11. Electric Funeral

    1979 Gibson GK-55 Kalamazoo Made

    Thinking about letting this one go - as I'm finding myself more of a P-90 guy as time passes, my HB guitars get less and less attention. These don't come up that often, and its a great way to get into a Norlin with some serious playability and tone for not a lot of $$$ Replacement parts...
  12. Electric Funeral


    I'd like to swap the chrome Grovers on the 50's Tribute SG I just got. Open to any kind of Kluson-Deluxe type tuner, bolt bushing or vintage style (I'd use conversion bushings). Also open to the "3-on-a-plate" type as well. Thought I'd put it out there in case anyone has an SGJ/LPJ or...
  13. Electric Funeral

    WTB: Strap button Goof Hider (diamond plate)

    Looking for one of these: If anyone has one of these floating around in their parts drawer please let me know!
  14. Electric Funeral

    FS: MJT Heavy Relic Esquire

    Regrettably I have to let this go :( This is the best tele I've ever played, and I really will miss it. It plays and sounds like a LP Junior trapped in a tele's body :laugh2: These are the only pics I have at the moment, but it's currently set up as an Esquire with a raw Bakelite pickguard, a...
  15. Electric Funeral

    Precision Kit build inlay opinions

    I'm starting to spec out a Precision kit and was thinking of getting some custom fretboard inlays done. The guitar will basically be a hybrid of a few models, resembling something between an Oxblood and a Pro Deluxe - Honduran 1 piece back, plain top, ABR1/Stoptail, HB Bridge/P90 Neck, Ebony...
  16. Electric Funeral

    FS: 80's Seymour Duncan SSL-1 J (maricela juarez would) 5.8k

    Great shape, sounds awesome and measures 5.82k on my meter. Included are two pickup covers, one black and one white. Wound by the legendary mrs. juarez - every pickup I've had that she's wound has been magical, this one is no exception. $50 Shipped USA or Canada
  17. Electric Funeral

    FS: RC Booster $160 Shipped PP Gift

    RC Booster Low S/N in great shape. Awesome sounding pedal just looking for a little different flavor. $160 Shipped to Canada or USA PP gift or you cover fees.
  18. Electric Funeral

    FS: $3 per set - Dunlop, D'Addario, Ernie Ball, Dean Markley Strings

    Unfortunately, due to some problems with nerve damage in my left arm I've had to switch to using much lighter strings. I have these sets left over that I just can't use any more :( All are brand new and sealed. Apologies for the crappy photo. Letting these go for $3 each: Dunlop "Heavy Core"...
  19. Electric Funeral

    FS: 50's style wiring harness for LP (PIO, Bourns, push/pulls) + Tailpieces

    Wiring Harness is SOLD Two tailpieces up for grabs, the chrome one is off a 2013 LP, the Gold one is a Tone Pros. Both are in good shape with a couple light scratches on top from being strung overtop. $15 each Shipped to US or Canada
  20. Electric Funeral

    FS: DiMarzio, Boss MIJ, EMG

    Few things from the parts/pedal drawers to let go: 1980's Boss BF-2 Flanger Japanese-made "Black Label" - Great shape in Original Box $80 Shipped Canada or USA Boss LS-2 Line Selector - Great shape no box $50 Shipped USA or Canada 1980's EMG 81 - The original version, orange...

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