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    Gibson Les Paul Junior Finish Issues/Questions

    I figured that since you took the discount you are keeping the guitar , so that is how I would deal with it. not sure about the number but I got a "ColorTone " clear gloss touch-up marker from stewmac. worked well for my project might need 2 for that job ,tape off the area and go slow...
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    Gibson Les Paul Junior Finish Issues/Questions

    you could fill it in using one of those touch up pens from stewmac.. just a little at a time , let it dry repeat until its up to the surface and paper it smooth with some 600 grit down to 1000 and polish it. like drop filling a dent..use the clear lac. pen.
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    thanks, I'll have my son over today to help old dad understand this stuff.. i never use head phones , trying to get this up to speed for gigs. my son has had a helix since they first came out but he goes thru stuff to fast for old dad ..and he doesn't play out ,just home recording so he uses...
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    i think its just the learning curve and I'm at pole position one..kind of overwhelms me.. I like reverb to be lush and a bit of delay[all along the watchtower is my hallmark for that and sometimes the old Ce-1 chorus. wah pedal and the rest is nice fender clean with the victory head for my...
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    all good info , joey [my son] is teaching the old man..he has it down but he mostly just records and doesn't play out much. I'll pass on what you said and we will reconfigure the cable set up. see what happens. I was looking at the helix effects unit but joe's pal sold me his brand new Lt for...
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    that is likely it. just hard to give in to the digital age i intent was to just use it as my effects unit ..also i guess its because i have so much dough into all this vintage gear. lol hard to leave it home and play thru a pa spkr. mental block? no stage cool factor..ha I'll stick...
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    using the four cord deal with my victory head on a Dr. Z 2x10 cab or a marshall 4x10 cab. my son uses a powered speaker.I'm also splitting it to my '63 usual rig is the victory and the tremolux using an A/B box ..been using the boss me80 for the effects in the loop of the...
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    just got a helix Lt ... not sure if I can get used to it.. old guy ..maybe too much for me to get used to..can't find an amp model that sings like my victory head [govan model] the effects are good but still sound kind of sterile to me. my son has a helix and loves it..talked old dad into...
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    Vintage 79 Washburn Falcon

    good guitars, brought one back from japan in 1980..might be the one..
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    Victory amps. What are they like?

    i think its a lack of marketing.. i've had marshall and fender and mesa and matchless all good sounding amps . my victory head just does such a good job ..been reliable and i can get anything i want from it.. i do like to use a 2 amp set up with a clean fender along with the victory ...
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    Wolfetones vs Bare Knuckle vs Suhr?

    not sure which models i have but the wolfetones in this R7 i just got sound great. had to lower them and find the balance..must have been owned by some rocker..had the pups as high as they would go and the screws raised too. been doing the a/b thing with the custombuckers. the wolfes are clear...
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    Victory amps. What are they like?

    I've been using the guthrie govan lunch box head for a year and its a great amp. V30 mk II the countess now they call it the jack.. marketing dept..go figure..40 watt for the gig 7 watts for the living room. play it on a Dr.Z 2x10 cab ..its been reliable and i love the distortion ..sweet to...
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    thanks guys ,i'll see if my son can help with some pics. never could have more than one guitar when i was young , now i have no adult i really like these pups! happy Easter.
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    Amp Suggestions...

    love my victory v30 mk II its the guthrie govan lunch box head.. 40 watts or 7 watts ..great in the living room as well as the gigs. victory amps rule for me. as well as my old fenders !!love to combine a tremolux with the victory on my 2x10 z cab .. sonic bliss..
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    yes this r7 has humbucking pups my old 52 has the p 90s. i have owned several 50s lps over the years and i think the reissues are fine guitars. the small details have changed here and there over the years but this r7 is just a fine musical instrument. not a perfect replica but close enough...
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    just picked up a 2001 R7 goldtop with the light back and a nice smaller no shoulder neck more like my ,13 r9 . sorry no pics . i don't have the stuff to do it. ..nice condition , very dark board , wolfetone pups in it sound very good. having fun setting it up. this one completes my les paul...
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    Post your 2 favorite amps

    63 tremoulx and my victory govan head on a 2x10 dr z cab are my faves along with my 65 tremolux and 77 vibrolux or the old mesa ta 15 head on the z cab. all good.
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    Into the unknown ... NGD

    my son has switched to strandbergs great guitars well made and they sound good...not my thing but he loves them.
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    Recommendations? Strat pickups...

    pretty hard to beat the suhr ml set
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    How are the newer Custom Shop Strats? Are they worth it? And...

    my wildwood 10 just has that feel like an old friend. the aging on mine is a bit over the top but its so light and it just rings..can't put it down!! best thing about a new guitar..makes me want to play! haven't had a gig a a year a little inspiration is needed..good excuse for a...

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