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  1. McLovin

    Gretsch G6229 Players Edition Jet Silver Sparkle. mint

    Gretsch G6229 Players Edition Jet Silver Sparkle. Mint condition. still has plastic film on back covers. not a scratch or scuff on it. $1500 paypal friends + actual shipping
  2. McLovin


    Excellent condition with a few "upgrades".this will come with 61R/61T pickups. I find these are better than the original pickups for more dirt. I also installed Faber BSWKIT conversion posts instead of the loose Gibson screw in posts. It will ship with original hardware but I do not have the...
  3. McLovin

    FS: 2019 Gibson Les Paul Special t.v. yellow.

    Mint Les Paul special. not much to say other than it's a sweet guitar. i wish I could keep it but I need to pay some bills. ;(.. $1350.00 $1150 shipped or local pickup in Los Angeles. straight neck, nice dark fret board. thinner, more see through finish than some others I've seen. paypal...
  4. McLovin


  5. McLovin

    FS: 2011 Gibson Les Paul Custom '68 reissue

    Gentle-persons, Greetings. Our Dear Leader has promised to give Egypt and any other foreign country in need a few billion dollars and has asked me to contribute to this noble gesture. Therefore, I am forced to sell the Best Guitar I Have Ever Owned.:( A great condition 2011 Gibson Custom Shop...
  6. McLovin

    NGD: another 68' reissue

    here she is: and this is me opening the case for the first time::) Contact - So Beautiful - YouTube thanks to Scuba200 for a great deal.
  7. McLovin

    Mad Cow in California.

    NO, not our MLP friend. The other one: Mad Cow Reported, USDA Filling in Details - Farm Progress :shock:
  8. McLovin

    can't believe no one is talking about PEEPS!

    it's peep season for Christ sake! Peeps - YouTube I know Bling loves Them.:)
  9. McLovin

    Greece for auction on Ebay

    It's already a little more than I want to pay but I'm thinking of charging it on my credit card: Greece for sale! | eBay
  10. McLovin

    Remember that idiot with the $300,000 bar tab?

    arrested. :laugh2::laugh2: EXCLUSIVE: Alex Hope, the £200,000 bar bill trader, arrested in FSA probe | City A.M. Hope Fades As London 'Superstar' FX Trader Is Arrested | ZeroHedge
  11. McLovin

    Att: West Coast earthquake warning...

    This is it people. Earthquake imminent::shock: A Severe Earthquake Warning For California In September 2010 WTF?????? - YouTube!
  12. McLovin

    Exercise is bad for you...

    This is why I sit on the couch...:laugh2: The Ultimate Treadmill Fails Compilation - YouTube!
  13. McLovin

    A Pint o' Guinness for a fallen soldier. never forget.
  14. McLovin

    $300,000 bar bill! WTF?

    to all you who bitched and moaned about Tiger Wood's ex. 12million dollar tear down. I offer you the next biggest idiot: The businessman who ran up £204,9478.80 bar bill is revealed as 23-year-old City financier - Mirror Online I wonder how the 99% are going to feel about this guy?
  15. McLovin

    Why I love America! BIG GUNS!

    Nothing like a few overweight white guys shootin a BIG GUN!:dude: The Guys from Knight Rifles Shoot the .950 JDJ, Extended Version - YouTube
  16. McLovin

    Chinese version of Hot Potato...

    these guys are hilarious..:laugh2: Chinese Soldiers Pass Around LIVE GRENADE In Military Training Exercise - YouTube
  17. McLovin

    Boston Bruin Tim Thomas, my new hero...

    Thomas statement on White House absence (via the NHL) "I believe the Federal government has grown out of control, threatening the Rights, Liberties, and Property of the People. This is being done at the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial level. This is in direct opposition to the...
  18. McLovin

    Att: Aussies. Be careful pluging in your amps.

    wow, that's a lot of lightning.:shock: Storm strikes coast: people, houses hit by lightning | Perth Now
  19. McLovin

    I think I'll pass on the next Ipad.

    I guess Steve Jobs wasn't such a great guy after all..:hmm: 'Mass suicide' protest at Apple manufacturer Foxconn factory - Telegraph
  20. McLovin

    I reached my credit card limit. Now what?

    Man, that is a lot of money.:shock: Obama To Ask For Debt Ceiling Increase In "Matter Of Days" | ZeroHedge

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