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    just picked up a 2001 R7 goldtop with the light back and a nice smaller no shoulder neck more like my ,13 r9 . sorry no pics . i don't have the stuff to do it. ..nice condition , very dark board , wolfetone pups in it sound very good. having fun setting it up. this one completes my les paul...
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    should a'65 sg jr have a orange drop cap or an oil in paper black beauty?

    picked up a sweet sg jr has an orange drop in that right?
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    recommend some 10's for my 63 tremolux

    webers?, jensons? what do you think. the old utahs are shot. ..
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    anyone have a creamtone lp jr trussrod cover for sale?

    i see that they are out of stock at creamtone. thought i'd put it out to you guys . see if anyone has one for sale. thx, jk
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    50's lp case with brown lining?

    looking at a 59 jr with a gibson hard case brown with brown lining..wonder what you guys can tell me about the case..sorry no pics. thanks , jk
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    1969 sg spl

    have to let this one go to fund another lp ..good shape ,no peghead breaks strong p90s, good frets ,TKL case, a real player. I'll get pics up this afternoon when my son comes over to help the old guy..asking $2450.00 in michigan .there is a picture of it in the vintage section post about...
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    NAD tremolux

    needs some love but I picked up a nice blond 63 tremolux yesterday , going to the tech today for a tune up and a 3 prong power chord. great condition , only one little ding in the cab tolex , I'll try to get pics up later .now I have my 65 blackface tremolux and this 63 blond ..happy old guy here!
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    Ginger Baker R.I.P

    Ginger baker dead at age 80 ..end of an era..
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    just got a 1960 lp jr.. pics to come guys / have to get my son to help with posting pics.. super light weight , very clean ,no breaks issues mods or stories, cardboard case , perfect neck and the frets are like new.. sounds like a good jr should ..very happy old man here. sounds so good thru my...
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    victory amps

    wondering what you guys think of these tube clips sound great..
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    celestion blue making fuzz sound on low notes

    seems like a voice coil rub where to get it repaired? I'm in michigan.thanks for any help guys jk
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    NVGD. '69 SG spl.

    did some trading last night and ended up with a very cool 1969 SG spl...narrow nut but it doesn't bother me ,makes thumb over chords easy,p 90s are nice and spanky..not a case queen,players grade guitar new old blues to come , have to get my son to do that for old
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    bass player needed

    looking for a solid bass player/singer. motown, some funk , a little blues ,some jeff beck ,hendrix, local to battle creek/kalamazoo,michigan area .small room gigs and steady work..send me a message if interested..thanks , jk
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    nvad '65 tremolux set

    got this a month ago.. 65 tremolux set.. sorry no pics yet guys.have to get my son to help the old guy with that.. great shape..all original except a 3 prone plug[bonus].sound so good. better than my 77 vibrolux, not as ice picky..very happy.. sweet fender clean.
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    FT burstbucker pros for classic 57s

    my son has a set of burstbucker pro pups and would like to trade them for a set of classic 57's .. no price as he just wants to trade . thanks , jk
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    fender deluxe reverb RI help

    my friend just got a deluxe reverb RI and it makes a very loud pop when he puts it on stand by. any thoughts? thanks for the help. jk
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    '65 SG Spl. price check need advice

    what are these going for? i found a super clean one for sale for 3600.00 . no idea if that is a good buy . cherry red with the vibrato. no breaks/cracks.. one owner! been in the closet since '65! i'm seeing prices that go from 2200.00 for a player grade to 5k [gary's guitars] for a real clean...
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    bandmaster info needed

    I'm thinking about getting a bandmaster [head and cab] i have the chance to get either a blond 63 or a mint blackface 65 . i know they are different circuits and wonder what you guys think. also it seems that bandmasters aren't as poplular or as expensive as the combo amps from the same era...
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    vibramate/V question

    trying to find out if vibramate ever got the VM100 plate available . for a short maestro . thanks, jk
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    best pups for flying v?

    hey guys , I'm in the process of getting a v. won't get my hands on it for a month [on hold for me with a dealer pal] its one of the black hendrix V's .it has those ceramic pups in it[490 and 500] .likely too hot for my taste.[blues player not for metal.]i have a set of burstbuckerIIs ..wonder...

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