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  1. the passenger

    'Tele on steroids' - 59 Replica sound

    I really prefer my LPs to have a snappy note attack. Many Les Pauls tend to sound mushy with a dull low-end for some reason and those ones are useless to me because the lows will be lost in the mix. No amp setting gonna help. It's got to be in the wood in the first place. I think this 59...
  2. the passenger

    Do you think we have any potential?

    We're from Europe, this is a song we made in a small local recording room. I would really appreciate if you could let us know if you think our music has any potential. Thanks guys!
  3. the passenger

    NGD: lightweight 69 GT

    All original late-69 Goldtop with a nice weight of 3,9 kg / 8.6 lbs. This is the lightest of the '68 - '70 Goldtops I've had or seen. All of mine and friends' were at 9.2 lbs on average. This one is in totally collector's condition with still playable original frets, nylon bridge saddles...
  4. the passenger

    Are '50s Les Pauls really much more resonant than later ones?

    Just one example from the countless similar descriptions about a '50s Les Paul: "...has more natural resonance than any humbucker-equipped Les Paul I’ve played (...) Beneath the chimey, crisp treble, there’s a hollow woodiness that could fool you into thinking it’s a chambered body – if it...
  5. the passenger

    Help needed: lacquer crack?

    I purchased this LP Standard recently and just noticed that it has an odd scratch/crack in the back of the headstock. It definitely doesn't look like a headstock crack to me, but I'm not a luthier. It's very hard to notice in normal conditions, it's only visible from certain angles. Under...
  6. the passenger

    '14 R8 rediscovering

    I sold this sweet Faded Tobacco R8 with figured top last year locally and it has just found its way back to me through a trade. Recently, I let go my '68 Goldtop to a great friend and I traded back this baby in partial exchange. In the previous 2 weeks I've been rediscovering its qualities and...
  7. the passenger

    Comparing the cranked tone of some legendary Marshalls

    I took 3 famous Marshall amps to my rehearsal room and made a quick recording sample of each one through the same cab. The first one is an all-original ’78 JMP MK2 2204 master volume head aka early JCM 800 retolexed in factory red in a small box. It’s a UK edition with stock EL34 tubes...
  8. the passenger

    Found a good one (14 R8)

    After a long search I finally found a new baby that seems to be a keeper. Normally I would have called off the search after dozens of unsuccessful trials, but these recent R8's look so incredibly sweet... I couldn't stop. What I learnt is that the new Histroics (2013-15) are generally not for...
  9. the passenger

    NGD: 1960 LP Special

    After owning many USA, CS and great early 70’s - still Kalamazoo-made - Les pauls, I hoped that this day will finally come. This is my first real golden-age Gibson. It’s an 1960 LP Special in non-modified condition (besides the necessary refret). Original P90s, cherry finish with lots of...
  10. the passenger

    Different mahogany types, tonal differences

    I posted this thread in the luthier's corner but I post it here too, as I think that the Other Single-Cut owners might have the most personal experience about this subject. Many of you have owned in the past or own USA-made models besides the well-known Japanese examples. I do not post it in the...
  11. the passenger

    Different mahogany types and tonal differences

    What are your experiences regarding the general tone-differences among Les Pauls made of different mahogany varieties? I don’t want to go into the territories of science, I’m mainly interested in personal experiences about the very general and hearable differences in tone (unplugged...
  12. the passenger

    MIJ brown leather softcase question

    Anyone know where to buy these incredibly cool leather gigbags? Old Grecos and Burnys are usually being advertised with these cases. I couldn't find any source... thanks guys! For example:
  13. the passenger

    Lightweight Reissue gaining weight during transit

    After so many sunny NGD threads (thought this one would be another) I’d like to share a different story with you folks this time. Take it as a warning about some of the unpreventable pitfalls of dealing with gear unseen and the importance of being protected even in the most transparent and...
  14. the passenger

    WTB: 1969-1973 Les Paul Goldtop

    WTB: 1969 - 1973 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop Deluxe Appointments: under 9.2lbs / 4,2kg & fat neck & no neck break. It can be routed for humbuckers, no problem. Please let me know what you have! I pay instant cash if the price is reasonable.
  15. the passenger

    Early '70s LPs and resonance

    I’ve always read that the 70’s and 80’s Norlin-era Les Pauls were heavy non-resonant boat anchors. However, to my surprise my ’74 Standard (weight: 9.4lbs) with the 3-piece mahogany neck and the pancake body was probably more resonant than any of my Historic Les Pauls… This got me thinking. I...
  16. the passenger

    R0 pickup identification - help needed

    I have a chance to buy a very nice, older R0. Great condition, beautiful fretboard, all paperwork & COA included, etc. It has one modification: Rolph Pretenders had been installed according to the seller. The price of the guitar is adjusted accordingly. I have never had the chance to try these...
  17. the passenger

    Standard with R0 body?

    I noticed a strange thing when I checked out the neck pickup in my 2003 Standard Plus. I found the letters 'R0' written inside the cavity. Does this mean that this Standard's body meant to be an R0 at first, than became a Standard instead for some reason? The mahogany back is a 1-piece and to...
  18. the passenger

    2014 Historic fretboard

    Does this fretboard look normal to you guys? It seems very porous and soft by the look. Not the typical dark, hard and mirror-like surface that can be seen on other Historics. It's a 2014 R8 and it has a very nice top, good weight, etc. I'm thinking about buying it. But I'm worrying that this...
  19. the passenger

    Technical question about top-wrapping (help appreciated)

    I have a technical question about top-wrapping. I'm wondering if it's a problem when an LP has this triangular shaped tailpiece and the strings are not able to make a full contact with its surface (see illustration)? Does it affect resonance? Here’s how it looks like on most of my LPs...
  20. the passenger

    NGD – 1988 Greco EG59-70

    I wasn’t happy with this purchase at all when I unpacked the guitar and played it for the first time. The strings were oxidised, the neck was over straightened, the frets were corroded and completely screwed up. The thing was barely playable. After a whole night’s work with polishing the...

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