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  1. ryan7olson7

    2012 GIBSON LES PAUL DELUXE/R6 wannabee!!!

    GOTTA SELL ASAP!!! My 2012 les paul deluxe, this is the new style deluxe with the plug in pickups, and neutrik jack, chambered body. since it has the circuit board and pickup plugs, i have it set up so you can either have the p90's and white guard/ring, or mini-humbuckers and cream guard and...
  2. ryan7olson7

    hamer studio pending ngd

    set up a deal to get this can't wait, anyone else have one of these? it's got all the cool features i'm lookin for, Wraptail, Fat neck, Solid top, Humbuggers, And Low price~ whaddya all think? anyone else have one?:hyper:
  3. ryan7olson7

    NGD rlg 60 '59

    just a mongrel mid 80's veneer top burny. got some proper rings, guard,gold bell knobs, tuners and double white paf style pups waiting. i have decided i like the fixer uppers the best.... anyone know the factory, and what the neck profile may be like. it's still in fedex's hands so i can't...
  4. ryan7olson7

    wtb ampeg vt-40 top loader

    looking to see what's out there. will also consider front loaded vt-40. what y'all got?
  5. ryan7olson7

    trade epiphone 1961 casino tremotone outfit for vt-40 top loader

    hi all. i have an almost new 1961 reissue casino tremotone in vintage sunburst. with case and candy. gibson electronics/ pups, great guitar beefy neck... looking to trade straight up for a top loaded chassis ampeg vt-40. ill pay actual shipping and insurance for a clean example. i also have a...
  6. ryan7olson7

    1982 greco eg70-59 $700...
  7. ryan7olson7

    Ngd goldtop deluxe limited edition

    killer guitar. fat one piece c shape neck, nice 2 piece body, long tenon:shock:, 2 piece center seam maple top(cant tell if it's flamey tho) weight relieved so its like 7.3 lbs and resonant as all hell. the mini's are wound to about 6.0k, alnico 2 mags and sound incredible! a real dry woody...
  8. ryan7olson7

    where can i buy this bridge?
  9. ryan7olson7

    identifying this bridge

    anyone know where to get one of these bridges?
  10. ryan7olson7

    PNGD Burny RSG/Les Paul

    I got this blue curtain special on the way and was wondering if anyone on here knows anything about these. it looks like an early 90's rsg but there is no feb. is it possibly tokai made? i know it's hard to tell from 3 crap pics, but i'm curious... i'm going to strip it and if it is decent wood...
  11. ryan7olson7

    trade epiphone cherry es355 for cherry 345 with varitone?

    i am looking for a straight up trade as the title said, this guitar is completely upgraded and set up with a proper fret level and polish, i replaced the crappy epiphone humbucker covers with raw nickel and changed the magnets to a4. with epi hardcase. pm for pics/intrest.
  12. ryan7olson7

    2000 fender nashville deluxe tele $250

    2000 MIM nashville tele, 6 saddle bridge, strat switching, cts pots, original tex mex bridge pup, homebrew humbucking single coils installed by previous owner. no breaks. fat c neck. white has faded to a cream color and has a chip out of the end of the cutaway horn. straight neck little...
  13. ryan7olson7

    F/S daddy-o, tubes, fx 90 delay for repair

    Danelectro Daddy-o overdrive, basically a tube screamer but with bass middle and treble controls. i think it uses the same chip as the current tube screamers. dirty, scratched, no battery door(i use tape), but works perfect and sounds great, i am only unloading it because i don't need it with...
  14. ryan7olson7

    F/S classiclone 5e7 bandmaster

    i absolutely hate to sell this, but life is a bitch. i assembled this amp with the intention of it being my last amp, and in doing so added a couple of nice features that give you more control over the breakup/overdrive. i used carbon comp resistors, nos cornell dubilier, sprauge, and sozo...
  15. ryan7olson7

    F/S Musicseeker let's Play (Tokai ls60)

    Well, it looks like i gotta put another one on the chopping block. this time it's my wonderful Tokai made M'seeker let's play model. this guitar is a 1995 as far as i can tell by the pot codes, is identical in construction to the tokai ls75q i had, and by the specs it would be a ls60 if it had...
  16. ryan7olson7

    Music Zoo one off orange drop 59' reissue

    all i can say is, WOW!!! too bad it's $6500:rolleyes:
  17. ryan7olson7

    tokai and fender for sale

    i got 2 i need to liquidate, both awesome guitars, i will regret selling these for sure. 1998 TOKAI LS75Q some dents and dings, overall great shape, frets are 90%, no breaks, upgraded caps(cornell dubilier greenie .018) gotoh mk2's changed to A4 mags. new allparts pickguard(made in japan)...
  18. ryan7olson7

    replacement pups for your low end mij pups

    i posted some soundclips of my new favorite pickups in this thread: and at $105 a set they are a steal! a better option than gfs or tonerider and as good or better than the big boys. find his email address on the...
  19. ryan7olson7

    Sin pickups

    so i have a set of this guys pickups, and they are just unreal! very smooth paf sound, without that annoying upper mid spike that sounds brassy and hurts. he is winding awesome pickups and they are $105.00 a set!! i just wanted to share my good experience with them! i give the guy and his...
  20. ryan7olson7

    NGD M'SEEKER let's play

    finally here! pretty cool guitar, it came with the special order only, broken in 2 pieces bridge option, and a fresh chip in the paint, but it's a very good les paul, 4? :( piece back , 2 piece solid top, heel capped fat u-neck with a tokai offset tenon. it plays perfect with 11-48's on it...

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