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  1. Alex Dovnar

    2018 Vaschenko '58 LP Goldtop. No need to wait 2 years in queue!

    2018 Vaschenko/8BombCustom '58 LesPaul Goldtop replica. This guitar was specifically for sale. Since the turn to order Valery Vashchenko is now about two years, this is a great option to shorten this period. One piece Honduran mahogany body. East American maple top, historically correct form...
  2. Alex Dovnar

    Vaschenko Red Ash S-caster, Dr.Nitro finish/relic

    Hello friends. I sell one of my 2017 Vasсhenko stratocaster. - one piece American ash body - Quartern sawn flame maple neck - Kluson vintage tuners - Kluson vintage tremolo (steel block) - 8Bomb A5 pickups - bone nut - weight of 8.2 lb - neck width at the nut 4.2 mm; at 21 fret -5.6 mm -...
  3. Alex Dovnar

    Sacul Electronics "Four Knob" CREAM-BENDER™ pedal (fuzz/overdrive)

    Selling an excellent pedal. Boutique fuzz / overdrive hand assembly and a thin selection of vintage parts. This version has four knobs. Serial number is No. It is based on two silicon transistors and one germanium. All parts are N.O.S and carefully selected. Massive vintage body, powered by a 9...
  4. Alex Dovnar

    Vaschenko LV (Tele/LesPaul)

    Vaschenko LV model Video: Tremendously responsive guitar of professional and collector level, with a ringing attack and long sustain. Condition Mint. there are small scratches and cracks in the varnish, not in the wood. (see photo below) It is natural from time and use. One owner. In...
  5. Alex Dovnar

    Dave Stephens HD61 PAF set

    I sell a set of pickups Dave Stephens HD61 light. Without covers. Double white. Beautifully sounded, bright and airy. The cost along with sending $ 590. Both wires are about 12 inches long.
  6. Alex Dovnar

    Les Paul Guitar Nitro Finish and Relicing

    Hi guys. I want to share my video. Maybe someone will be interested. Project - painting replica 59 LP, атв relicing varnish, plastic and metal parts.
  7. Alex Dovnar

    Silkscreen frames LP model

    Hi guys. There are several silkscreen frames for the headstock repair.
  8. Alex Dovnar

    Gibson '50-'60 serial number stamps

    Hey. I sell the rubber strap strap for printing serial numbers on repair or refinish headstock. Font numbers corresponds exactly to the period of 1950-1960. Set includes two rubber strips digits (1234567890.1234567890) Cost $ 45 including shipping. I Agree Paypal.
  9. Alex Dovnar

    Gibson Std Slash/joe Perry refinish

    Little beautiful pictures. ))
  10. Alex Dovnar

    bson Les Paul '57 Goldtop (converted from 1994 Standard)

    This guitar has been converted from a Gibson Standard 1994. The original color was wine red.* *The original formula of gold paint and sealer. Covered with hard,*thin layer*nitrocellulose lacquer, without plasticizer,*and aged. Headstock black plastic replaced to veneer. Changed the top profile...
  11. Alex Dovnar

    Flower Strat

    Once I decided to make a gift to my daughter for Christmas. I had my old Behringer Stratocaster. I decided to repaint it. The Marimekko style. I had to work hard with the Chinese polyester varnish. :) After I cleaned the body from the shell, covered with gray-blue metallic with pearl...
  12. Alex Dovnar

    '94 to '57GT conversion

    Since yesterday I posted a topic about the my 59 build, I think I need to tell you about how I prepared for this. * For several years I have been repainting and restoration of guitars is my pleasure. And so, when the work on the project LP59 was in full swing, I decided to experiment on than...
  13. Alex Dovnar

    My Ultimate '59 Les Paul build

    Hello friends. This is my first Thread on this forum. But this is only because of the language barrier. I am from Belarus (this is not Russia!). If someone does not know, is a small, almost poor country between Poland and Russia, with the president-dictator and the terrible weather. *By...

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