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  1. pondcaster

    Songs that connote #[email protected]&%* Rock & Roll

    Hope this isn't a total rerun thread but earlier I was listening to the ol iPod thru the 501s in the music room and this song came on... the album version and I turned it up louder than usual. Blasting, really. I must have listened to it five times in a row, just loving every note. Those lads...
  2. pondcaster

    NGTD : 2018 Les Paul Tribute

    Got it late last week, was in Raleigh so it got here over night after ordering at 9:15a. I've owned a couple of Tributes ('10 50s Ebony & '17 60s Honeyburst) that I liked a lot and regretted passing along. Also, hadn't owned a goldtop in probably 20 years so started looking for this model on GC...
  3. pondcaster

    Great Partscasters in History... aka The Partscaster Thread!

    I did a search and couldn't find any so figured I'd start one. If this is posted in the wrong forum, mods please move to appropriate one, thx! So, who else love a great partscaster? A mutt? One built from the parts drawer? Or a custom built job with top notch parts? I cannot lie, I love a great...
  4. pondcaster

    In praise of The New Originals!

    Searched briefly but didn't see an "Owners Club" for these so kinda thought they deserved one. Beginning sometime mid '19, was a nice start to the post-HenryJ era it seems. If you're an owner of one from the series or just like them, please feel free to join, post pics, praise, blast, post...
  5. pondcaster

    Translucent Cherry Classic has arrived... Any owners?

    As thread title says, I've got this used '19 LP Classic in the oh-so-sweet translucent cherry finish coming from GC in 'bama. As is the case recently for some reason, I emailed them a few times about this one. Couldn't get a reply? No big deal, just wanted to know the weight but unless it's an...
  6. pondcaster

    New Standard 60s...what case should come with it?

    As I've posted a few times, I just got a new '19 Standard 60s in Bourbon Burst and could not be happier with the guitar, the transaction with local GC and Gibson QC in general. After reading another happy new LP owner talking about the case they got with theirs in a recent post, I started...

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