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  1. Trogly

    MLP done dirty and declared DEAD!!

    The fact that MODs are bashing me for saying there is little activity on this site makes me regret ever paying for a premium membership. I come for the Norlin section of this forum - there is little to no activity there.
  2. Trogly

    Anyone have a LP Spotlight Special?

    Fun fact - 4 of the 5 went to the same buyer. The mint condition one was separated and sold off to Hong Kong as a Pregnancy Present. I tried to buy the other 4 back shortly after selling them, but the new owner would only sell them for the price he paid, but he gets to keep #2. I passed on that...
  3. Trogly

    I finally found out what the CM standa for in some model names

    I finally did find a photo with Chick Magnet on the box - but yes, if that story is true it was originally meant to be Chucker Mod(el)
  4. Trogly

    Realistic value - 1974 Red Sparkle Les Paul Deluxe

    If restored to original and no headstock repair - $5k will sell it without too many troubles. You can ask and get much more but it will take longer to sell. It would cost less than $1000 to restore it to original so even at this condition I'd have no problems paying $2500 for it
  5. Trogly

    Realistic value - 1974 Red Sparkle Les Paul Deluxe

    If you don't buy this - please let me know. I'd be very interested in restoring it back to original and documenting this rare guitar. I like blue better... but red is more rare
  6. Trogly

    New line up is here!

    Just to clarify - The mark was caused because the screw was drilled crooked when mounting the bracket on the edge of the guitar. The whole pickguard sits crooked and low because of this.
  7. Trogly

    NGD: WARNING - Painted Over Content

    I had similar thoughts about the one I owned. The aging job was questionable, but man - it played fantastically and had great tone! Enjoy yours!
  8. Trogly

    NEW__Epiphone DC PRO

    Based on the deal Music Zoo gave me on that guitar... you 'might' be able to ask for a hardshell case paying full 599 retail price or get one for just $60 more. The strap lock system seemed similar in style to how the Schaller ones function, but the buttons still seemed to work fine with a...
  9. Trogly

    NEW__Epiphone DC PRO

    It is slightly neck heavy. @12:44
  10. Trogly

    Gibson Goddess

    At that price they are basically giving it away for free. I sold a purple one in mint condition for $3k. Even my more beat up ones sold for 2-3x that price. Great deal even if the headstock is repaired! Go buy it! haha The Goddess series is a cool one for Les Paul and SGs. I've documented all...
  11. Trogly

    Gibson Marauder 1981

    They are fun, quirky guitars. I don't think you'd be able to live with one as your 'only' guitar, but definitely worth having around. They are not a hard sell at all - if priced right. Even without a case, as long as it is in decent shape, the one you're describing is a steal. Asking prices are...
  12. Trogly


    Your luthier is mistaking
  13. Trogly

    Super Custom Super Standard Super Something

    Sounds like you've got some learn'n to do
  14. Trogly

    1980 Lefty LPC Case

    That first case was used along side the chainsaw up through the mid 80s. Some features varied from the mid-70s version (as pictured) but, in my experience the 80s versions are sturdier. Yes, that's the blue sparkle. Awesome guitar!
  15. Trogly

    1980 Lefty LPC Case

    All 3 of these cases would be considered correct. The cases aren't orientation specific. Which one are you after - regular, Gen 2 chainsaw or Gen 3?
  16. Trogly

    Incoming: '85 Les Paul Reissue

    3250 is a steal
  17. Trogly

    2018 Gibson USA Les Paul Junior - Billie Joe Armstrong Signature Model

    It was a good guitar. I preferred the original run though
  18. Trogly

    Made 2 Measure

    I talked with the music zoo back in June and they said they were 6 weeks out from order. I would image the wait time might be longer now. Price varies with what you want on the guitar. Here are 3 M2M Gibsons that I've owned. All 3 are excellent guitars. I've felt a real bond with all 3 of the...
  19. Trogly

    What is the general consencus regarding chambered Les Pauls?

    I've had terrible sounding chambered LPs and amazing sounding ones. If you're able to try before you buy, that would be best! The chambered reissue I had was great

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