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  1. gtrslngnhairbag

    2005 Copper Top Studio

    Nice score !
  2. gtrslngnhairbag

    NGD '96 Studio

    Congrats; those 90's studios with ebony boards are usually great players.
  3. gtrslngnhairbag

    Orville by Gibson Bill Lawrence HB-L pickups - any good??

    I've got a set of them in my '89 standard. I've never had the desire to change them out, as they work for what I do.
  4. gtrslngnhairbag

    My new Les Paul Custom Trans Purple

    Wow; what a looker!
  5. gtrslngnhairbag

    Time to pack up the LPs so Irma doesn't get them!!

    Prayers for the safety of you and yours...
  6. gtrslngnhairbag

    NGD.... 2015 Trad ocean blue NOS

    Very nice! Always cool to see excellent customer service ; enjoy that beauty
  7. gtrslngnhairbag

    NGD: LP Standard Figured Walnut 2016

    Sweet; that's really unique.
  8. gtrslngnhairbag

    Finish cracking?

    All 5 of my LP's have a finish crack in that area; perfectly normal, and nothing to be concerned about.
  9. gtrslngnhairbag

    So finally.. Officially Fritz's NGD thread

    Nice score, brother; congrats!
  10. gtrslngnhairbag

    NGD Got my first Gibson!

    Nice; welcome to the club!
  11. gtrslngnhairbag

    FS 2012 Gibson Les Paul R9

    That's a beauty! GLWTS.
  12. gtrslngnhairbag

    New Project - 2017 Classic

    Looking great so far, brother!
  13. gtrslngnhairbag

    Some cool lacquer checking on my Studio

    I've noticed that studios tend to check parallel to the direction of the neck rather than perpindicular , like most other lp's. Any theories on that? Not to hijack this thread, mind you.
  14. gtrslngnhairbag

    very close to a NGD: les paul traditional 2016 plain top

    Damn; that thing is beautiful! Enjoy, brother!
  15. gtrslngnhairbag

    Fret crowning needed?

    I'v taken my guitars to Ithaca guitar works for fret work for 30 years; they've always done an outstanding job for me. Cheers , Toby.
  16. gtrslngnhairbag

    NGD Mike McCready 1959 Aged

    That's one of the best ones I've seen from this run.
  17. gtrslngnhairbag

    NGD 2017 LP STD Honeyburst (iPhone pix)

    Congrats on that beauty!
  18. gtrslngnhairbag

    New Guitar today

    Wow, what a beautiful axe! Play the snot out of it!
  19. gtrslngnhairbag

    '82 LP Custom

    I'm dig ging that one, bud! Gotta see it in person. Cheers, Toby.
  20. gtrslngnhairbag

    Buying a secondhand LP Standard advice - neck blemish

    That wouldn't bother me at all, and being that it reduced the price, I say jump on it, mate.

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