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  1. lexx

    Phaez amps?? How long to get a amp?

    Hi, I was hoping someone can help me. I sent payment for a Phaez Brawler well over a month ago. My payment was accepted and taken for my account and have not heard a word on it after. This is my first time dealing with Phaez. I am after sending 3 email with no reply back. Is this normal? I...
  2. lexx

    Es 333 pickguard?

    I want to add a pickguard to my ES333. Where is the best place to get a good fitting guard and bracket at a reasonable price? I see brackets on Ebay but they all have the "acorn" type nut thats sticks in you leg when playing sitting down. Thanx lexx
  3. lexx

    Aging pickups covers.

    Hi, I just installed a set of 57 classics in my Les Paul. My Les Paul is a 2008 so it has some tarnishing and wear on the hardware. The 57s covers are new and shiny, they look funny with the rest of the guitar. What would be the best way to age them to fit with the rest of the hardware? Don't...
  4. lexx

    WTB: Covers for Dimarzio 36th anni PAF.

    If it matters I am located in Canada. I am looking for a set of nickle covers to fit a set of Dimarzio 36th anniversary Paf pickups. Regular spaced at neck and f spaced at the bridge. Thanx lexx
  5. lexx

    2008 Les Paul Classic??

    I have a chance at a Les Paul Classic. I am not too familiar with this model, it has Classic on the Truss rod cover and Les Paul model on the headstock and "1960" on the pick guard. I am thinking about going to have a look at it in the next day or so but its a couple hr drive away. How does this...
  6. lexx

    2009 Satin Junior finish wear?

    I have a Gibson 2009 Satin finished Junior.It was my first Gibson I was hooked and bought a Gary Moore Bfg in July but the Junior is still my main giging guitar since I got it Oct 2009. I modified it with cts pots, pio cap, bone nut, tonepros wraparound and locking studs and it has served me...
  7. lexx

    WTD:Sd Phat cat bridge

    I am looking for a SD Phat cat bridge pickup in nickle/chrome. Prefer to pay with paypal. Thanx lexx
  8. lexx

    Les Paul Junior Faded/Tonepros bridge?

    I have a 2009 Les Paul Junior Faded, I have a Tonepros ***n-1a that I want to install. Do I need to install the Tonepros inserts? Are the Tonepros inserts any better then the original Gibson inserts? Do this bridge work better with a plain or a wound G string? Thanx lexx
  9. lexx

    Help with a Gotoh Bridge(removing saddle)

    I have a Gotoh bridge (GE103B) on my Gary Moore Bfg and every string intonates perfect except the low E.The saddle is to its limit and I want to take out the saddle and flip it around to try and get that extra bit of adjustment. It has a nut with a plastic insert on the end of the screw and it...
  10. lexx

    WTB: Cream bridge pickup ring/poker chip.

    I am looking for a cream arched pickup ring for a Les Paul bridge position and a matching poker chip (toggle surround). I have already bought a set on Ebay but when I got it its more lemon colour then cream. I am looking for the cream that would match the Zebra Burstbucker 3. If anyone knows...
  11. lexx

    NGD tomorrow BFG vs Studio????

    I am getting a new Les Paul tomorrow. I got it narrowed down to a Gary Moore BFG or a Studio. Not sure what to do I love the Gary Moore's pickup combination, don't mind the body, LOVE the hugh neck, but I would change it to a regular 2 vol 2 tone and a 3 way. Don't like the lack of position...
  12. lexx

    New Les Paul Jr. bridge upgrade?

    Are there any aluminum compensated tailpieces for newer Jr.? I looked at the Fabers but they are for Jr's with offset studs and the newer Jr's are equal. What other options do I have for a aluminum bridge for this guitar. Basically I would like a bridge that looks like the original only...
  13. lexx

    Les Paul Junior tone pot help!

    I have a 2009 Les Paul Jr. and I was wondering what mods can be done to get more use from my tone pot. After about half it just mush and pretty much useless. Thanx in advance. lexx
  14. lexx

    Aluminum bridge for faded Les Paul Junior.

    I recently put an aluminum bridge on my Gretsch and was shocked what a differance it made. So now I am hoping that lightening will strike twice. Are there any aluminum compensated tailpieces for a Faded Jr.? I looked at the Fabers but they are for offset studs and the Faded 's are equal...
  15. lexx

    New Les Paul Jr owner

    I bought a brand new Sunburst Les Paul Junior with the Satin finish in October as my first Gibson. Apart from some nut issues it has been an awesome guitar.I have been playing it quite often in the last three months and parts of the finish that comes in contact with clothing etc has gotten...
  16. lexx

    My first Gibson? upgrading parts.

    I finally got my first Gibson, a brand new 2009 Les Paul Junior. I am quite pleased and have not put the thing down. I was thinking of changing out the tailpiece what would be the best tailpiece to go with ? Thanx lexx
  17. lexx

    Wiring questions?

    I have a Kramer Standard (Les Paul style) that I like alot. I have heard good and bad things about these guitars but I have to say mine is a great guitar. When I got it it had/has wiring issues. It came from the factory with Epiphone pickups. I bought it from a inspector that works with Epiphone...

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