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  1. Trogly

    WTB: 1976-1981 Gibson Les Paul Custom in Wine Red

    Found one, Thanks!
  2. Trogly

    The Headless SG is Real!

    This was the only photo anyone was ever able to find of this guitar and it circulated the internet on every 'bizarre guitar' top 10 list. I know when I first saw it - I needed to know more about it - Is it real? Does it play well? Is it just a photoshop job? Thanks to the recent success of my...
  3. Trogly

    Want to Replace Stolen Guitar: Post-2000 1957 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop Reissue R7

    I was trading a 2001 R7 for another guitar. The new guitar arrived to me just fine, but the R7 was Lost/Stolen while in UPS's possession. Not the first time this has happened... I am looking to replace this goldtop for him to complete the trade. He is looking for one at 9lbs (a little less is...
  4. Trogly

    Please delete

    Please delete
  5. Trogly

    I Bought Steve Howe's "The Les Paul"

    Wow, the Wine Red finish is stunning, but I think it would look better in Pehlam Blue and with an ABR-1 - ditch those weird tuning pegs put on it too. Sending to my luthier tomorrow... KIDDING! I saw this guitar and knew I had to get ahold of it. The 4 advertised photos in the seller's...
  6. Trogly

    WTB: 1968 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop

    I'm looking for a '68 Goldtop Standard w/ p90s. MUST be all original and from '68 - no modifications - no repairs. Will consider an early '69 with '68 appointments. Please PM me what you have. I've seen the offerings on Reverb, but thought I would see if anyone has one here on MLP for a more...
  7. Trogly

    Norlin Collection: TheLP, 2550 Artisan, Super Custom, Brazilian Custom, KM, Silverburst, Pearl White

    My last video of my Norlin Era collection received a lot of interest, so I thought I would make a "part 2" with some of the other beauties that have recently come my way. I sure do love the special edition Norlins. Enjoy! I also have separate demos of each guitar if you're interested in...
  8. Trogly

    All Norlin Models Catalog / Book - 1978

    I found this book in a stack of papers that I'd forgotten that I had. I believe this came with one of my THE LES PAUL's. I did a video to share it as it has lots of cool information about all the models. Enjoy! Has information and color pictures of these models: THE Les Paul Artisan 3 Pickup...
  9. Trogly

    25/50 Anniversary Les Paul - Nice Condition - $3675

    I have a few 25/50 Gibson Anniversary Les Pauls that I am selling. Many people have this model as a bucket-list dream guitar and have other unused guitars sitting around - so lets make your dream come true! I am open to trades for other Gibsons only - or Gibson Parts, +/- cash. The trade value...
  10. Trogly

    1989 Gibson PreHistoric Reissue R9 R0| No Reserve eBay Auction Decided to open auction this one. Pros: Original pickups, insane flame top, great playability and awesome finish Cons: Headstock Repair, though one of the best-hidden repairs...
  11. Trogly

    An Inside Look at a 1978 Gibson 25/50 Anniversary Les Paul

    I've always been fascinated with anniversary and other unique models that Gibson has made over the years - especially the Norlin Era ones. Realizing that most people aren't lucky enough to get to see most of them in person, I though I would make an Inside Look series for these special guitars...
  12. Trogly

    Rare Norlin Models: 25/50, Artist, Artisan, KM, The Les Paul

    Hello! I made a spur of the moment video when I had a lot of cool Norlin era guitars around - sadly I didn't have any spotlights to add to the video. The video generated quite a few views on its own...
  13. Trogly

    Standard 82 - Strange Serial Number

    Upon browsing eBay, the title "Standard 82" peaked my interests as all the prehistoric models do. However, upon looking at the photos, this is one strange guitar.
  14. Trogly

    Price Check: 1964 Fender Deluxe Reverb + Advice

    I'm not entirely sure if this is where this post should go or not, so please feel free to move this to the correct location Mods. I've always wanted a Blackface Fender amp and the Deluxe Reverb seems to be the most popular choice. When it comes to buying things, I typically like to have the...
  15. Trogly

    WTB: 1976 Gibson Ttops

    Looking for a set of Gold Covered Ttops from 1976 preferably (give or take a year). Gold covers must be in excellent condition as this is for a collector's grade instrument, but let me know what you have. Thank you :thumb:
  16. Trogly

    2001 Gibson Les Paul Custom - $1925 PP'd / Shipped

    Great 2001 Gibson Les Paul Custom in Wine Red here for sale. Has seen lots of play wear but still maintains a clean appearance. Scratches and dings all around, the most major things are a little sliver of the headstock corner broke off, average fret ware and it was bigsby'd at one point so there...
  17. Trogly

    1977 and 1978 Gibson Artisan Les Pauls - $2550 I've got two great Artisans here that are ready to find good homes where they will each get played as they are player's grade examples. Each one has had their bridge pickup replaced and each is marked a...
  18. Trogly

    1993 Gibson Les Paul Custom - $2085 PP'd / Shipped

    For sale is a very nice 1993 LPC in an excellent Cherry Sunburst (no clowns here)- original except for strap locks. The top actually has some very nice figuring in it and tons of natural wood grain as well. $2085 PP'd and Shipped is a FIRM price. It is priced low because there is a crack in...
  19. Trogly

    1976 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe - SOLD For sale is a gorgeous natural Les Paul Deluxe from 1976. Obviously, this guitar has had many changed parts, including an added mini toggle switch - the only thing I know is original is the neck pickup, plastics and the tuners. There are also some...
  20. Trogly

    Early 1990s Gibson Les Paul Custom $1200 this video was taken before it was "damaged" by the headstock 1991 Gibson Les Paul Custom - $1200 pp'd shipped Full disclosure here, this guitar has been apparently repaired once before and was recently damaged in shipping about 2 months ago...

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