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  1. uncajoey

    NGD LP Junior Lite from 2000

    FedEx just dropped off this honey. 7 lbs 9 oz. Great slim neck, not 1991 Classic slim, but not a fatty. Opaque Cinnamon finish, p100s, a real dreamboat.
  2. uncajoey

    SOLD Gibson Les Paul Special, Cinnamon finish, cool guitar! $800.

    Up for grabs is a super cool Special, good condition, with the usual scratches and small dents associated with a twenty year old Lester. Medium neck, more 60s than 50s. Gets and stays In tune, no mods, not even strap locks. Local cash sale, I live in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, two hours from...
  3. uncajoey

    Classic for $1100 in New Jersey

    No connection to the seller, but it’s to good a deal to not share. I’d buy it if I had the dough right now!
  4. uncajoey

    My Classics. Please post yours!

    In order, 91 Plus, 92 Plus, 00 PP, 01 PP, 01 PP.
  5. uncajoey

    NGD Classic Premium Plus, Vintage Burst Black Back

    Just sold my R7, which was beautiful, but I could never stand the baseball bat. Picked up this 01 PP, which is virtually unplayed. One of the nicest tops I’ve seen. Enjoy!
  6. uncajoey


    Mint condition R7, OHSC, no cert, no candy, big neck, not quite as beefy as my brothers B7, but a tiny bit bigger than an R9, nine and one half pounds, a beautiful guitar, minty fresh, no mods of any kind, not even straplocks. $2499 FIRM, cash in person deal preferred, but will ship after...
  7. uncajoey

    NGD 00 Classic Premium Plus, insane flame

    On the way is this crazy Classic. Should have it in about a week. Will post more pix then!
  8. uncajoey

    What’s the big deal about early 90s Classics?

    I own and love two early Classics (91 and 92), but also have an ‘01, and have yet to find any identifiable quality that makes the supposedly superior early ones better. The materials appear to be identical, as is the fit and finish. Other than a more figured top on the ‘01, and the green inlays...
  9. uncajoey

    06 Custom 68 Reissue Triburst Flame

  10. uncajoey

    NGD 06 Triburst 68 Custom

    Picked it up in a trade today. Skinny Neck, good flame 🔥 Nice!
  11. uncajoey

    This looks cool as hell. Has anyone played the '17 Custom Special?

    Here it is, gloss body, satin maple set neck, buckers, Schallers, just awesome looking at $700:
  12. uncajoey

    97 classic in philly for $900. Somebody buy this!
  13. uncajoey

    Any nineties Classic Premium Plusses for trade? R9 looking for a home.

    Looking for a 93-96 LPPP, preferably Honey Burst. I have a beautiful 2001 R9 for trade. Yours would be plus cash. Philly/South Jersey/NYC area. Let me know if you'd like to upgrade!!!!!!! :)
  14. uncajoey

    Fs: 2001 r9 1959 historic nice flame

    Up for grabs is my beautiful '01 R9. Great flame, really nice neck and frets, plays like a dream, incredible tone. Neck profile is noticeably thinner than my R7, comfy without being too big. Sorry, I don't have a caliper to measure. Condition of the back of the body is natural relic all...
  15. uncajoey

    93 Classic Plus on Craigslist in NJ

    Not my ad, just wanted to let forum brothers know, I would snag it, but no $$$$ right now, looks nice. Asking price is very fair IMO. :thumb:
  16. uncajoey

    Limited edition flametop Special

    Looks cool
  17. uncajoey

    Historic R9 neck profiles

    I'm sure this has been done to death somewhere on this forum, but are the historic necks CNC'd, or is each shaped individually by a craftsman? The reason I ask this is because I own an R9 from '01, and I could swear it's neck is quite a bit smaller feeling than my previous R9, coincidentally...
  18. uncajoey

    Almost NGD, R9 with pic

    Just scored this on EBay......can't wait to get it.........
  19. uncajoey

    Premium Plus goodness in natural light

  20. uncajoey

    Best quote of the day.......

    A guy here on the forums buys a Classic, which came with (apparently) Alnico powered Zebras. He writes: "If anything i'll rip out the pickups and put in ceramics." :hmm:

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